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Behind the Scenes / 19.1.21

Premier build Virtual Event Studios

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    Virtual events are here to stay, and we are fully embracing them here at Premier by building 3 virtual event studios.

    It’s taken some time for the industry to appreciate the power of virtual events, but now that clients have witnessed it first-hand, we firmly believe that they are here to stay for 2021 and beyond.

    So that we can facilitate the number of virtual events that we are being asked to deliver by our clients, we are in the final stages of building a suite of studios in our Leicester warehouse.

    The studios will all be online by the start of February, at which time we will be able to decommission our temporary studio that we have been using since last April.

    The new suite of rooms includes the following:

    Studio 1

    The largest of the studios, its gallery style has been designed to accommodate a team of 8 technicians and producers. This studio can also be used alongside our hybrid studio to facilitate bringing in remote callers etc.


    Studio 2

    The second largest studio designed to comfortably accommodate a team of 5 people to deliver a seamless virtual event experience.


    Studio 3

    The smallest of the three studios designed to accommodate a team of 5 people to deliver a seamless virtual event experience.


    Editing Suite

    We have found that a number of clients have wanted to edit the footage shot in the studio on site. With this in mind we have created a dedicated editing suite that can be used by video editors.


    Tech Check Room

    A big part of delivering a virtual event is ensuring that remote presenters have the right lighting in the room, their audio is clear and that they have a good internet connection. We go through this with presenters during a tech check.


    COVID compliance

    We have designed these studios to ensure that they are COVID compliant. Each person working in the space is at least 2m apart and we will use Perspex screens when necessary.

    Ventilation is key and so each studio has its own dedicated air conditioning units with fresh air ducting also installed to circulate the air.

    Hand sanitiser will be located at each station for added peace of mind.

    Interested to find out more about the Premier virtual studios? Our team would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

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