Reading Premier bring Table Pin Spotting into the 21st Century


Latest News / 18.9.15

Premier bring Table Pin Spotting into the 21st Century

The ADJ Event bar Pro is an ideal fixture to use for table pin spotting

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    At Premier we have been pin-spotting tables at events using the standard methods of either a generic Par 36 lighting unit or for larger events using a moving head fixture per table.

    For a while we have been looking at the market to provide a product, which meets our client’s requirements, it needed to be bright, produce a narrow beam angle as well as be flexible. Having tested a variety of different products at our Leicester warehouse it was decided that the ADJ Event Bar PRO was the fixture, which satisfied the above requirements.

    All to often on site we would position the pin spots only for the client or venue to need to move the tables at the last minute causing our event crew to have to dash and get a ladder and re-focus all of the fixtures. The new ADJ Event Bar PRO can be controlled by DMX allowing our lighting engineer to position each fixture in moments.

    Having used the new pin spotting system at a product launch last week, Premier’s Technical Director Jon Minns said about the system “What an improvement on the traditional PAR36 – surprisingly bright with a nice sharp beam, quick movement and so easy to deploy. A new favourite for us!”

    The ADJ Event Bar PRO is now live on our hire website: Click Here

    To find out more about the Event Bar PRO or to hire this superb system for your next event don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

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