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Latest News / 16.1.20

Premier Awards 2019

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What better way to celebrate the end of the year than with an event!

Events is what we do at Premier and so what better way than to close of 2019 than with an event of our own.

For the last decade we have been holding Christmas parties for the team. In recent years, we have also incorporated a full day company meeting to the agenda.

We closed the office and headed off to the Woodlands Suite at Hothorpe Hall for this years event which took place on the first Friday in January.

Our new registration system was given some testing as the team scanned a QR code we had sent them previously on arrival, as part of the check-in service.

During the daytime session the team reflected on what had happened in 2019 as well as looked forward to what’s ahead in 2020.

After a 3 course dinner, it was time for the awards.

The Premier Awards is something that we have been running as a company for about 5 years now. The award titles are constantly evolving but awards such as Premier is Premier have been there from the beginning.

The 2019 award winners were:

Rising Star – Amy Irwin

Best Newcomer – Alice Simons

Unsung Hero – Amy Billington

Most Improved – Alex Horder

People Choice – Chris Finch

Premier is Premier – Luke Pearce

It’s always a pleasure to hand out the awards and recognise the amazing work that the team put in throughout the year.

Ben & Claire

The Woodlands


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