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Blog / 24.6.17

Premier add 10k Laser Projector

Premier invest in 10k Laser Projectors for their live events

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    As the size of the events that we provide production for increase year on year, we are constantly adding new equipment to our hire stock that will benefit our client’s events.

    Our Panasonic 5,600 lumen projectors have been pretty much faultless during the last 3 years and so when we decided to invest in more projectors, choosing Panasonic was an easy decision.

    The Panasonic PT-RZ970 is a 10k laser projector, built with live events at its core. By using a laser as opposed to a traditional ‘lamp’ it is an exceptionally low maintenance product.

    Having used a laser projector on a recent event at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole our technical team were amazed at how vivid the colours were as well as how bright the unit was.

    With an initial order for a single unit and more units on the way we are excited to see how this new breed of projectors will add to our client’s events over the coming months.

    As with our 5,600 lumen projectors, the 10k laser projector is supplied in flying frame, making double stacking really easy on site.

    The HDSDI input will also prove to be useful on site as at Premier we use SDI for all video distribution to ensure an end to end full HD experience for our clients.

    Along with the projector we have also added a zoom and fixed focus lens to our hire stock.

    The Panasonic PT-RZ970 is available to hire as of the 1st July. Our hire team are on hand to answer any questions that you may have about the product.

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