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Event Production / 16.10.18

Photo Mosaic Wall – Liverpool

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    We were approached by the Alliance Automotive Group to provide our Photo Mosaic Wall at their annual Motor Factor and Garage Trade Show, held in Liverpool, at the start of October.

    The mosaic wall was to be 2m x 2m and include the sponsors logos at the top and bottom of the mosaic itself.


    Pre Production:

    We provided the client with the artwork for a 40 photo x 25 photo grid and their in house team produced the artwork. Once we had the artwork from the client we then printed this onto 5mm Foamex.

    The 40 x 25 mosaic grid requires 1000 photos to complete the mosaic, which we felt was about right considering the footfall and scale of the venue.

    As part of the pre-production, the client sent through to us a jpg of the image that they wanted us to create a mosaic of. We were able to run this through the mosaic software using ‘test’ photos so that we could check that it was going to look good when completed live on site.

    As part of the mosaic, the client wanted us to incorporate 600 photos from previous trade shows. We downloaded these onto the software before we set off for the event, so that we could use these images at the start of the event to pre populate the board.

    *We are able to create artwork in house, however the client already had all of the sponsor logos and an in house team and so it made sense for them to create the artwork on this occasion.



    The day before the event, our team travelled to the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool to install the T3 structure which we applied the Foamex panel to. Whist there, we also ran through a demo with our client to ensure that they were happy with everything provided and to ensure that they were aware of the mosaic process.

    On the day of the event, two of our Mosaic hosts, (Billy and Daisy) were on hand to take pictures and to run the Mosaic Wall which took place over a 5-hour period.

    The mosaic wall was positioned in the reception area of the Exhibition Centre, allowing exhibiters and guests to take part as they entered the building. Our hosts used iPads to capture pictures of guests throughout the day, these were sent wirelessly to our mosaic software, printed and applied to the mosaic wall.

    With over 150 suppliers at the event showcasing new products and services, this was the perfect opportunity for our Mosaic Wall to bring everyone together and created a real thriving atmosphere.

    After the 5 hours, the Mosaic Wall was completed and the event logo ‘MOVING, FORWARD, TOGETHER’ was revealed. People crowded round the wall to find their pictures that had been taken during the day and were amazed that it could create such an inspiring concept.

    Once the mosaic was complete, we produced a video of the mosaic coming together digitally.  This was put onto a USB stick and given to our client, along with the mosaic itself, so they could show the final masterpiece at their Evening Gala Dinner.

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