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Weddings / 12.7.16

Paper Weddings

Paper Weddings

Written by Craig Lander, Premier Weddings team

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    In a world where every bride is trying be unique, nothing says ‘different’ like a paper wedding. If you have a creative mind and are taking the DIY approach to your wedding, then maybe a paper wedding would be right up your street. Take a look at some of the interesting and quirky ways you can create a wonderful wedding with nothing other than paper (and a few Premier Weddings touches, of course)!


    Invitations are traditionally made of paper but more and more people are heading down the digital route and cutting them out completely. Add a modern twist on the old tradition and send your guests laser cut paper invitations.

    Flowers and Décor

    Having paper flowers is a very marmite idea in the wedding community, but they can look gorgeous if done in the right way! The best part about having flowers made of paper is that you can keep them or throw them away very easily. Unlike real flowers, they won’t die and you will be able to enjoy them for the rest of your life. Also, have paper centrepieces and you won’t have 10 fishbowls or vases to rehouse after the big day.

    Have a paper flower wall at a fraction of the cost of a real one for a beautiful backdrop. Paper cut into ribbons and hung from a bar would also make a great backdrop for photos or your top table. Hang a mixture of paper lanterns, balls, bunting and garlands in your colour scheme for variation. Cheap and easy to buy or make depending on your time scale and skill level.  Use our uplighters on your paper decoration to highlight them and create the atmosphere you desire. Our uplighters can shine in any colour you could wish for. Uplighting is essential no matter the type of wedding you are trying to achieve. They can add natural lighting or a splash of colour, highlighting those flowers for a fabulous finish.

    One thousand Origami Cranes are traditionally made and given to the wedded couple to provide a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. Make just enough in the build up to your wedding and have your guests be a part of the fun by creating the remainder on the big day! The average length of an engagement in the UK is 14 months so you and your betrothed make one each per day in the build up to your wedding and you’ll have nearly one thousand just in time! Or rope your friends in to making them with you; have an origami party: get the drinks flowing and the hands folding and you’ll have one thousand in no time! Have them on show; hang them from the ceiling like a mobile or in a garland and your guests will appreciate the time and effort you have gone to, to make your day look beautiful.

    Extra Special Touches

    Hire a Sweet Cart from and use paper bags stamped with a custom wedding stamp for an extra touch. ‘Love is sweet, take a treat’

    Our LED Blossom Tree works brilliantly as a Wishing Tree. Have your guests sign and write their well wishes on paper tags and hang them off its illuminated branches a great alternative to the traditional guest book.

    Display your menu in a unique way with an origami menu selector, just like you used to make at school! Have your guests play along and see what fate has them eating for dinner (obviously they have already chosen their menu but this is just a bit of fun!)

    Set up an Origami Craft Station for your guests to make their own origami creations, from hats and boxes to boats and cranes. This is one to keep the kids occupied!

    And finally, celebrate one year later with your first wedding anniversary and a traditional paper gift! A great reminder of your big paper themed day!

    The beauty of using paper as part of your wedding theme is that it is recyclable. You can have an amazingly beautiful day and you have done your bit for the environment at the same time! A Win-Win Situation!

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