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Latest News / 12.1.22

P-VENT – The Event Planners Virtual Platform


Michael Gregson

Senior Event Manager

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    In 2020 the events industry was thrown into chaos. In an age of innovation and pivoting, we decided to look at creating new and frictionless experiences for our clients.

    In a world of superb live events it was imperative the user experience for our clients and their delegates continued virtually. It’s not always easy to get everyone who’d like to be there to attend an event in person, especially when participants are spread across the globe.

    This has especially been the case since the recent pandemic, causing a massive increase in the take-up of virtual event platforms but not all platforms tick the box therefore our objective was to create a simple platform packed with amazing features.

    We spent an enormous amount of time listening to our clients and what they wanted from a platform. It was quite clear that simplicity was in fact the key feature as they say, less is more. Our product development team set to work, and P-VENT was born.

    So what is P-VENT?

    P-VENT, is a fully managed and brandable virtual event solution that’s has an amazing UI, dynamic features to drive user engagement partnered with measurable data capturing tools.

    What type of Virtual Events are there?

    There are 4 main types of virtual event.

    1. Webinars
    2. Virtual Conferences
    3. On Location Hybrid Events
    4. Studio based Hybrid Events

    Although most virtual events have different targets audiences, there are certain fundamentals to running a successful virtual event.

    Virtual events, like in-person events, need a good workflow. Without a good workflow of joining A to B, your event will suffer. We have additional tools including event registration and DMS to ensure the event workflow runs seamlessly from the outset.

    Content is king in a virtual setting; your content is your event. Powerful keynotes, Q&A, Live Polling sessions tailored to your attendees are paramount.

    Seamless production – it’s imperative that the production is delivered to a professional level without any outages. We have a brand-new broadcast facility here in Leicester to help deliver a seamless experience.

    Data capturing is the only way to prove event success. Measuring engagement and capturing attendee data are the only way to prove event ROI. We have built a host of post event analytic tools to user engagement and trends after the event has finished.

    Are you planning a Virtual Event?

    If you are planning a virtual event, here are some key things to think about.

    • Will content be live, pre-recorded, on-demand, or a mix?
    • How will attendees know about the event?
    • Where will you be recording from, a studio, your laptop or at a venue?
    • Do you have enough content to provide engagement?
    • What are your KPIs for the event? While you may focus less on leads acquired, you can build goals around session registration and feedback surveys.
    • How long will on-demand sessions be available after the event?
    • How long will sessions be?
    • What tools will attendees have to network and schedule appointments?

    We can help, every step of the way.

    Running a successful virtual event doesn’t have to be stressful. Using our bespoke P-VENT platform is the first step in delivering your virtual event.

    To find out more about how the Premier team can help with delivering your next virtual event using our amazing platform, please get in touch with our friendly team who will be more than happy to help.

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