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Event Production / 27.7.18

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    Cottingham Day is an annual event which takes place in the village of Cottingham. It showcases local bands and acts throughout the afternoon on a small stage in the centre of the village. We were approached to provide a full outdoor PA system and techs to manage the stage and acts that would be performing. 



    On receiving the brief our production team were tasked with providing a quotation to suit the client’s requirements. This included contacting the client and bands to establish exactly what microphones and stage equipment would be required to allow the acts to do their performance to the highest standard. 

    Establishing installation and de-rig times were also essential for the event due to the nature of the location, and other stalls and activities setting up throughout the morning. 


    Equipment Used 


    Front of House Audio 

    Using Google Maps, we were able to plot an accurate plan of where the stage and speakers would be situated. With this, we were able to create an L-Acoustics Soundvision which, allowed us to plot in the location and map where the sound will go and how many speakers would be required to provide the perfect amount of coverage for over 500 guests in an open space. 

    The front of house audio consisted of six elements of L-Acoustics Kara and six SB18 sub speakers. These were stacked in a three and placed either side of the stage. With the help of Soundvision we were able to pre-plot the angles to provide the large coverage we were looking for. Two L-Acoustic LA12x amps were used to power the front of house speakers, which provided the added volume and power for the large open space. 


    Stage Monitors 

    So the bands and acts could hear themselves on stage, we provided four L-Acoustic 12XT speakers. These were powered by an L-Acoustics LA4X amp which provided each stage monitor with an individual mix on stage due to its four inputs and four outputs. 


    Control Desks 

    At front of house we were using a Yamaha QL5 digital mixing desk. From this we ran our 100m digital multi-core which was plugged into two Yamaha RIO1608-D racks, which allowed us to have 32 pre-amp inputs and 16 output channels on stage where we could plug in all our microphones and amps for speakers. 

    On the stage we also had a Yamaha QL1 digital mixing desk, which was also plugged into the RIO racks which gave complete control over the instruments for the stage monitors. This allowed us to have a technician on the front of house mix and a technician mixing monitors on stage. By doing this it allowed for the musicians to quickly ask for a different mix on stage, without the need of shouting it down the microphone as the monitor mix engineer was based very close to them. 



    A list of industry standard microphones was selected to cover a wide range of instruments and acts. This included brands from Shure, AKG and Sennheiser to name a few, which all provided us with the tools to mic up just about anything that was thrown at us! 



    “It was great and the sound was excellent! The boys did a spot-on job and the artists commented how good it was to work with such a professional company.” 



    Total Equipment Value – £101,684.80 

    Total Weight – 2,044.72kgs 

    Transport – 2x 3.5T Vans 

    Premier Team 

    – 1x Senior Sound Technician 

    – 1x Sound Technician 

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