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AV Production / 30.5.19

National Space Centre – AV Production

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    National Space Centre – AV Production

    In March this year we were asked by IQSA Services to organise the AV production for their conference, which was going to be held in May at the National Space Centre.

    Initially, discussions between our team and IQ were carried out to decide on their needs and what exactly the AV solution to deliver to their team. Once we had some ideas of what we could bring for the conference, a site visit was needed to get a better idea of the space we were working in. At the site visit dimensions were taken of the conference space, whilst also looking into power availability and access for the vans on day.

    Back in the office a 3D render was created of the Shuttle Suites at the National Space Centre. This allowed us to plot different set ideas and stage sizes to see what would work best within the room. These designs were then sent across to the client, for them to proof and decide on a design that they liked best. Once we had the final design signed off, we could begin fabricating their set and getting the set artwork print ready.

    Working within their budget, all the technical production elements now started to come together. To achieve the best picture for content on screen, a Panasonic 5.6k lumen projector with a short throw 0.8:1 lens was used. This ensured all the content was in full HD and accompanied with the short throw lens, meant that the set wasn’t too far forward allowing more room for tables and group exercises on the day. For all the presenters a 27” comfort monitor was used housed in a black felt hide, this allowed convenient viewing of the presentation whilst also looking smart and unobtrusive.

    When figuring out what PA system would work best in the room to achieve full coverage for all their guests, the only loudspeaker that came to mind was the L’Acoustics X8. These small, compact loudspeakers don’t look too prominent but have a wide coverage angle. Whilst sounding loud but crisp to deliver great speech intelligibility. For the presenter a DPA headset was used which allowed them to have free use of their hands whilst ensuring a clear signal.

    To ensure the presenters were clearly visible on stage, a couple of Source 4 profile lights were used on Manfrotto stands, this clearly highlighted each presenter on stage and was controlled via DMX by a lighting desk located at control. This meant our technician could bring the lighting up and down when required.



    • Weight – 1.38T
    • Replacement Value – £30,099.50
    • Crew – 1x Technician & 1x Crew
    • Logistics – 1 Van

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