Reading Mosaic Wall – Case Study


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Mosaic Wall – Case Study

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    Dreams Photo Mosaic Wall – Case Study


    As part of a larger event for Dreams, we were asked to provide our medium Photo Mosaic Wall package for their annual Golden Pillow Awards.



    As part of the pre-production, our client sent through a .jpg of the Dreams logo which they envisioned as the focal point of the mosaic wall. We were then able to run the design through the mosaic software using our own ‘test’ photos so that we could show the client what the photo mosaic wall would look like on the day.

    With a 40 x 25 mosaic grid, it requires 1000 photos in order to be completed, which we felt was around the right amount considering the footfall and number of guests attending the event.

    Another factor that we had to consider was how we were going to get 1000 pictures to ensure that the wall was completed within the time we had. We had a number of ways to do, the first being our Selfie iPad mirrors which were an easy and simple way to allow our hosts to wander around the venue and interact with the guests.

    Another way we were going to collect photos was using a photographer, who would be focusing on taking group shots in front of the shimmer wall. These photos could then be transferred onto our mosaic software and applied to the wall.



    The day of the event, we travelled to Wales to install the modular structure and apply the Foamex panels, as well as setting up the software and making sure the client was happy.

    We positioned the mosaic wall in the drinks reception area in order to draw maximum attention as guests entered the venue.

    On the day of the event, we had three hosts on hand with our Selfie iPad Mirrors who were roaming around the venue interacting with the guests and getting them to take part in creating the mosaic wall. The iPad software allows the hosts to wirelessly send each photo taken to the mosaic software to be printed and applied to the photo wall.

    After the 3-hour run time, the mosaic photo wall was complete, and the Dreams logo was finally revealed. Guests crowded around the wall to find their pictures that had been taken earlier on and were amazed at the concept and how it all came together.

    Once it was complete, we produced a time-lapse of the mosaic coming together digitally. This was put onto a USB stick along with all the photos used on the wall and given to our client.

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