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Case Study / 28.5.19

Leicester City FC – Mosaic Wall

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    Leicester City Football Club
    Photo Mosaic Case Study


    We were contacted by Leicester City Football Club and asked to provide two of our Photo Mosaic Walls for the last match of the season at the King Power Stadium.

    The club wanted us to take photos of fans as they arrived at the ground and to use these photos to create photo mosaics that they could share digitally on their social media, as well as to keep as souvenirs.



    During the pre-production stage, we were sent through a jpg. of the proposed idea for the mosaic design, which we ran through our mosaic software using test photos, to show the client what it would look like on the day.

    They wanted a 40 x 25 mosaic grid for both of the mosaics we were running, which meant that we had to collect 2,000 photos on the day to ensure that they were completed on time.

    We organised a team of 10, who were briefed about their roles; six were to interact with fans and take photos, whilst the other four were to print and stick the photos onto the Foamex Mosaic board to reveal the design.

    Another element we needed to discuss was whether or not they wanted to create a customised footer and sides for the mosaic wall. We agreed that brand colours would be best suited, and a personalised message was added onto the footer, which we thought was a nice touch.

    We advised that our iPads were going to be the most efficient way to take photos and to Dropbox them onto the Mosaic Laptop, which we could then transfer into the mosaic folder and run through the software.



    On the day we arrived a few hours early to set up, make sure the client was happy and run through timings and responsibilities. We divided into two teams so that we could complete both mosaics at the same time. Both were positioned outside of the ground which was where there was most footfall and could capture the attention of passers-by.

    We handed out the iPads and began interacting with the public, this worked really well, and people loved the idea of being a part of something so unique and innovative. We also used our Nikon D90 camera as another way to take photos of big crowds and close-ups of people.

    After the 5-hour run time, the Photo Mosaic Walls were complete, and the final designs were revealed. Fans crowded around the wall to find their pictures from earlier in the day and were amazed at the concept and how it all came together.

    Once it was complete, we produced High Res versions of both Mosaic Walls that we sent over to the client to use on their social media channels and website.

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