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Corporate Parties / 23.4.20

LED Video Wall – DJ Booths

Want this Booth for your event?

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With our video wall DJ booth we can enhance the DJ’s stage presence at live events

Historically the DJ booth has been an afterthought for event organisers, especially at corporate events. At Premier, we are looking to change this with the launch of the LED Video Wall – DJ Booth.

The booth can be customised to be a size that your DJ requires, however as standard its 2.5m wide with 1m returns. Included with the booth is a 1m tall, 2m wide and 0.5m deep stage for the DJ to put their equipment on.

The video wall used is Unilumin’s UPADIII 2.6mm panels and contains 18 panels in total, 8 of which are 90 degree corners for a seamless finish. In terms of the resolution, the front is 1728×384 and the sides are 384x38x pixels. This high number of pixels allows crisp, clean content to be displayed on the DJ Booth.

If you need to wheel the DJ onto stage after a band for example, we can also supply rolling risers to position the booth on.


Content is Key

Our in-house team can create bespoke content to display on the DJ booth to ensure that it’s in keeping with the look and feel of the event. We also have a large quantity of stock footage that we can display, and we can also look to adapt or utilise any existing content you may have.


Want more than a booth?

We are one of the largest suppliers of premium video wall in the UK. As well as DJ booths, we have found that both columns and large walls behind the booth have been popular with clients.

One of the main benefits of including additional video wall into the design is that it allows for a more immersive guest experience. Content can be created to include both the columns as well as the booth.



To find out more about the video wall DJ booth don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team who will be more than happy to assist.

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