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Conferences / 24.7.17

KFC Annual Conference 2017

Premier provided AV Production for the KFC Annual conference at the SEC in Glasgow

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    As part of the 2017 KFC RGM Conference in Glasgow that we managed, we were tasked with transforming Hall 5 of the SEC into a visually stunning awards ceremony, dinner and party space.



    The design process for this production was extensive – multiple options were initially presented, with the preferred design undergoing continuous fine-tuning as requirements altered.

    Design work was undertaken in 3D rendered format, whilst technical drawings were produced both in 2D CAD for scenic elements, and Wysiwyg for lighting and stage plots. These were updated continually to ensure all technicians, managers and fabricators had up-to-date information.

    L-Acoustics Soundvision took care of audio design, which resulted in completely seamless coverage to all areas of the space.



    Where to begin?


    FOH PA was covered by 24 x KARA, 8 x SB28, 8 x SB18, 4 x ARCS. A mixture of HiQ and 12XTs were used for infill and monitors. A total of 64 LA8 amplifier channels were utilised to drive this system. Control was exclusively Yamaha CL over Dante with Rio stageboxes. Wireless microphones specified were the excellent Shure ULX-D range.


    Over 200 automated fixtures were in use on this show, including 32 x Mac Viper, 6  x Mac Aura XB, 22 x Mac 700 Wash, 30 x Robe 600 LED Wash, 30 x Robe 600 Spot, 6 x Atomic, 1 x Glaciator and 4 x Unique Hazer,

    Generic fixtures included 136 pinspots, 78 x PAR64, 6 x 4 cell Molefay, 20 x Source Four and 10 x Fresnel.

    Redundant Chamsys MagicQ consoles with playback wings ran the show perfectly, with DMX and ArtNET distribution taken care of by Luminex.

    Almost 100 dimming channels were utilised over 2 x Avolites ART2000, with a further 2 x 72 way socapex distros for intelligent lighting.


    Two wing screens at 24ft were served by a DZ-21K each, whilst the centre 24ft screen was served by a stacked pair of DZ-21K (to combat on-stage lighting).

    All distribution and conversion was over 3G-SDI at 1080p60. Control was covered by a Pulse2 PPU for centre screen, and a Panasonic camera PPU for wing screens. Camera and graphics mixes were fed between switchers to allow flexibility of content by screen. We also supplied 50” HD comfort monitors and an AutoCue, alongside clickers, source PCs and Macs.

    Rigging & Staging

    Over 350m of truss was flown from the roof, with a total rigged weight of in excess of 6 tonnes.

    In excess of 100 8×4 decks were supplied, used as stage risers, FOH risers and stages.


    An 18T truck full of customized scenery was produced, including: 4m high steel framed gothic windows, 5m wide curved staircase, hand-carved 1m high gargoyles, 4ft diameter steel chandeliers but to name a few. All was designed and produced completely custom to fit the design requirements.


    For the bar area, an array of furniture and décor items were provided to set the scene, including 20 appropriate sofas, 20 oak barrels and over 150 filament effect lamps.

    In the main space we supplied a 54x24ft black starlit dancefloor and over 200m of BWS drapes.



    What can I say other than thank you?! You guys and your team seriously helped bring our conference to life in the most amazing way.

    Our MD was raving about it “the production team are insanely good…I can’t believe how good this is” was one of the texts I received.



    Total Equipment Replacement Charge – In excess of £1.5 million

    Total Equipment Weight – In excess of 20 tonnes

    Venue – SEC, Glasgow

    Transport – 3 x Artic, 1 x 18T

    Power consumption – In excess of 1,400A at 230V (250KW).

    Cable – In excess of 10,000m.

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