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AV Production / 25.2.19

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    To provide full production for the ITG Live event held at the Vox in Birmingham. The event would consist of 3 keynote speakers, all of which are recognized industry professionals within their chosen field.

    The afternoon event was composed of full audio reproduction for all 700 delegates alongside lighting and a full-scale video system. The video was a key part of the production and needed multiple screens around the room to show cameras, VT’s, presentations and branding.


    Having an event department in-house here at Premier, allows us to work closely and ensure all information is gathered and distributed to the relevant departments. This speeds up the pre-production process and helps us gather ideas of how we can make the clients ideas, a reality. As with all events its important to construct ideas in a 3D environment to let the client know what their ideas will look like. Once we have this, it makes communication between ourselves and the client much easier. We can work closely with them and suggest how they can get the most from their event.

    For production, once we had a 3D visual completed in house, it allowed us to quote the event based on their requirements and look after the entire production element of the event. We had individual designs drawn for everything from lighting plots, to full scale sound vision files down to CAD drawings of the steps for the stage, as they needed to be custom manufactured.

    We realized early on that having a truss circle above the stage to reproduce video content, audio and lighting was crucial, we liaised with the venue to ensure this was safe to do. Scaled drawings of the truss circle plot were designed allowing us to calculate point weights on the roof thus ensuring this was within limits of the roofs safe working load. We knew the crucial elements were stage wash, video reproduction for delegates and additional audio boxes. We could ensure that these were placed perfectly and situated in accordance with event design plans.

    The video component of this event was the most crucial, we had to ensure all 700 guests could see both the stage screens and perimeter screens. We proposed to run separate zones as matrixes to ensure we could produce multiple content streams, simultaneously. For the truss screens, we opted for 8 – 65” screens which were placed to ensure every angle of viewing was covered for delegates. This would be shadowed by 264 LED panels around the room composing 5.5m x 3.5m video walls.

    With a range of kit in-house at premier that makes us unique within the events industry, we were also able to supply 700 Ice Chiavari Chairs in the circle configuration directly to the client, on-site.


    Highlights Video

    3D Design



    For audio on this event we deployed the L’Acoustics range powered by the LA8 & LA4X amplifiers. We made use of the X8 & 12XT boxes which could be flown and angled to ensure full audio coverage across the event space. All presenters were on DPA headsets which were routed through a Sennheiser G4 system into a Yamaha QL5. We then had the ability to send mix record outs to the video team ready for recording.

    Lighting mainly focused on ensuring the circular stage stood out within the room, bringing the effect and power of keynote speakers to life. On the truss circle we installed 36 Elation Sixbar 1000 fixtures which are capable of being angled around the top chord of the truss, these made for great effects and added the chosen event theming into the mix. Alongside an array of generic fixtures which allowed to us light the stage from every angle, we installed Elation Artiste Davinci’s and Chauvet Rogue R2’s for additional moving effects and color production. The Davinci’s ability to wash areas with soft edges in CTO allowed to us to get angles and colors we couldn’t get from generic fixtures.

    The video system design was comprehensive and covered all aspects of the event, ensuring needs were met and desired video signals could be produced in a professional environment. For camera mixing, we deployed the Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio with a TV broadcast panel allowing for cutting between cameras. This specific equipment choice allowed us to use an Elgato Stream deck on the M/E2 bank of the switcher thus making use of multi-layering, live. The heart of the video system was a Barco E2 system controlled by an EC-50 controller. The processor is capable of running 4K blends at 60Hz along with 4:4:4 color sampling. Its processing power gave us the ability to mix up to 16 sources of video and output to various zones.


    Weight: 10.1 Tonnes

    Staff: 33 Technicians & Local Crew

    Trucking: 2 Artic + 1 26t

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