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Importance of Wedding Lighting

Wedding Lighting advice
Lighting can play a crucial role in a wedding ceremony, breakfast and reception

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    Lighting is essential to the mood of a room. No matter the venue, the chances are some additional lighting would really help portray an elegant atmosphere. Lighting can enhance certain features, or simply bring a room together creating a more sensual and appealing atmosphere.

    There are so many different forms of lighting that Premier Weddings can offer, that you are bound to find something that will suit your venue and budget. We offer all of the following forms of lighting, so please get in touch if you have any questions!


    There are so many different types of uplighting available, so it’s important to find exactly what is right for you and your venue. You need to decide what it is you are trying to achieve and then you can chat through with your wedding coordinator, which lights will be most effective.

    • Sixbars – Our Elation Sixbar 1000’s are our newest batten uplight and are perfect for making subtle, pastel and white tones. We recommend that you place one every 3 – 4 metres around your desired room. If you are looking for really powerful and super bright uplighting, then these lights are perfect. The sixbars have the ability to completely transform a basic function room, or bring out the stunning features of an already beautiful venue.
    •  LED Battens – Our Showtech LED Battens are our most popular uplight when it comes to adding flashes of bright colour to your wedding day. A lot of our clients like to match their uplighting to their colour scheme, so we are regularly asked for Pinks, Purples or Blues, which these lights do perfectly. These are one of our most cost effective lights, however if you are looking for subtle, nude or pastel colours; unfortunately these won’t provide these sort of tones.
    • Event Spots (wireless) – Our Event Spots 1800 are completely wireless should you not want unsightly cables running around the room. They can last up to 10 hours and have up to 255 shades of Red, Green Blue and Amber. They are great for uplighting specific features such as pillars, alcoves or even outlining a walk way and offer beautiful golden and warm tones.
    Building Illumination

    Building Illumination is great for wowing your guests with upon arrival. We can completely wash your venue in your favourite colour by using our LED Floods should you want to. This will really make your venue stand out and leave your guests speechless.  Should you not want to change the colour of your venue we can just light it up with a warm white! In the evening this can look particularly elegant. Alternatively you can light up specific features of your venue, for example a water feature, or the trees outside the venue. You will be surprised what a flash of light or colour can do to your chosen surroundings.

    Nightclub Lighting

    Premier DJ’s have a pretty great lighting set up as it is, but sometimes a standard disco set up just isn’t enough! We have a nightclub lighting package, which can transform your venue by adding a nightclub style feel to your evening reception. We use Elation Platinum Spot 5R moving heads and depending on how crazy you want to go, you can have podiums, or go the whole hog and have a truss box over the dance floor!

    Nightclub lighting may sound complicated but we have two ways in which we can explain it to you. You can have a Showtec DMX Recorder which has pre-recorded sequences on for you, or you can hire a lighting technician, who will create a fabulous bespoke lighting show for the duration of your evening reception.

    Pin Spotting

    If you are looking to go the extra mile, table pin spotting is the perfect addition to your wedding breakfast or reception. When the main lights are turned off and the table pin spots come on, your guests will be overwhelmed with the intimate effect it will have on your room. It is also a really great way of adding light to your tables should you have chosen a centre piece that doesn’t already provide light. Pin Spotting is also a great way to highlight special features, such as your cake, or a specific feature that you might have in mind.

    If the above still isn’t enough for you, or it simply doesn’t suit what you’re trying to achieve, why not consider these little extras that could have a huge impact on your day!

    • Flame Lights:  Are you having a red carpet for your reception? – Maybe consider a pair of our LED Flame Lights for that grand entrance!
    • Image Projection: Everyone wants their name in lights, don’t they?  – With image projection you can have your name and wedding date projected onto the dance floor or any flat surface of your choice.
    • Space Flower: The Space Flower is a great way to let your guests know where the party is. The space flower projects 3 circles of 12 rays of light into the night sky!
    • Mirror Ball – for those people who like their disco old school, a mirror ball is the perfect, pretty addition!

    If you have any questions regarding your wedding lighting, whether you have idea that you want to bring to life, or you would like some advice on how to make the most of your budget, Premier Weddings can help! We’d love to hear from you.

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