Reading High Street – Store Rebrand


Event Management / 10.1.18

High Street – Store Rebrand

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    Premier Events were given the exciting opportunity to be involved with the management of a Hair and Beauty Retail Rebrand in High Wycombe. The client was very clear in what they wanted to achieve from the event and that involved driving retail sales, improving store experience and increasing brand awareness. In High Wycombe there is a high number of students, therefore the client also wanted to target students at this event.

    Within the brief, it was expressed that the client would want to use the success of the High Wycombe event as a template for future store rebrands and store openings within the next 12 months.



    The client has held events similar to this in the past however wanted to gain experience and knowledge from Event Management experts as to how they could increase their ROI (return on investment). From this, the client asked if Premier Events could offer three different packages, bronze, silver and gold which would include our ideas for a successful event. These packages offered different experiences and levels of interaction with the customers.

    Prior to the day itself, the planning stages were in full swing and the Events Management team were working together to come up with ideas and ways in which Premier Events could achieve and exceed the client’s objectives. Within this, the Events Management team managed all other aspects of the event including the following:

    • Supplier Management
    • Store Styling and Theming
    • Logistics Management
    • Above the Line Marketing Management
    • Uniform Proposal and Handling


    On the Day

    On the day, 2 of our Event Director and Senior Event Executive headed down to High Wycombe to start setting up for the store rebrand. Joining the Events Management team were Brand Ambassadors and a Store Manager to help run the show.

    The team were there to ensure all suppliers arrived on time, and were where they needed to be. Brand Ambassadors, security, store staff and the client were all sent a detailed brief of the event prior, so they knew exactly how the day was going to run.

    The event was to start at 8.30am on the Friday and run until 6pm and then on the Saturday we started at 9am and finished at 5.00pm. We used celebrity endorsement and offers throughout the day to encourage retail customers to browse around the shop and purchase products during the discount event.  With a footfall of over 200 people during the course of the weekend, the event was a success.


    Event Opening

    Upon arrival, Premier Events organised two balloon columns to stand either side of the store doors to enhance the stores presence. This was also an eye-catching way to show the public that there was an event taking place and that the event welcomed walk ins. The brand ambassadors were also their encouraging the public to go into the store, whilst the branded uniform including a branded pink bomber jacket, top and hair piece.



    Overall the two days were a huge success, so much so, the store achieved an up lift of 190% on their targeted sales quota. It allowed the team to evaluate in closer detail the requirements from the client and therefore apply the above management and coordination on future events for our client.

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