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Event Management / 25.3.20

Have you considered a Balloon Drop for your event?

Fancy a Balloon Drop at your event?

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    Balloon Drops

    Whether you are looking to end the night with a BANG or find a new way to surprise your guests with prize giveaways, over the past few years we at Premier have been offering balloon drops as visually stunning event finales and celebration features.

    So, what is a balloon drop? Well the clue is truly is in the name, a balloon drop consists of nets full of balloons in varying sizes and colours. These nets are situated over the dancefloor or exhibition hall and at a time of your choosing, the net is opened – releasing the balloons in a cascade of colour! The shower of balloons falls directly over the crowd below and provides a spectacular highpoint to the event.


    Get the party started

    Balloon drops provide your guests with an immersive and interactive experience; multiplying the energy levels in the room and adding that extra fun factor to the event. Why not super-size your drop and can even add in some extra-large 32inch balloons, which are usually knocked back into the air creating a game of sorts between your guests.

    Our balloon drops are completely bespoke; with an endless variety of balloon shapes, sizes and colours available, the sky is the limit when it comes to customisation. We are even able to brand the individual balloons with brand logos or key messaging from the event.


    Surprise prize giveaways

    When one of our clients came to us looking for an innovative way to surprise and delight their guests with a prize giveaway, we knew a balloon drop was just the thing. We filled giant nets with red and white balloons, and inside each of the white balloons we placed either a prize slip or a scratch card. When the balloons were released the guests were able to jump up and grab a white balloon before popping it to reveal a prize. The prizes ranged anywhere from £1 scratch cards, all the way up to £1000 holiday vouchers, creating a real sense of anticipation from the masses below. We set up a dedicated inbox following the event to ensure each guest that claimed a prize had shared their correct delivery addresses, then managed packaging and posting the individual prizes to the winners.

    Why not add a balloon drop to your next event and guarantee your guests get out of their seats and onto the dancefloor.

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