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Latest News / 10.6.16

A Guide to Dance Floors

A guide to dance floor hire

Written by the Premier Events team

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    Here at Premier Events, we are one of the UK’s largest stockists of dance floors.

    We stock a huge amount of White Starlit Dance Floors as well as large stocks of Black Starlit, Plain Black, Plain White, Parquet and Black & White Cheque.

    Our dance floors are out on a weekly basis on a variety of events, everything from large Corporate Events right the way through to Private Parties.

    So if you’re looking into hiring a dance floor from us, we’ve put together an easy guide detailing recommended sizes and a quick Q&A session…

    Recommended Sizing

    When booking a dance floor, the main factors to consider when calculating a size are the space within your venue and the amount of guests expected.

    As a rough guide to dance floor sizing, we have put together the following chart which details how many people can fit on the dance floor at one time:

    SizeNumber of  GuestsPeople  Dancing
    12ft x 12ft 100 35
    14ft x 14ft 150 45
    16ft x 16ft 200 60
    18ft x 18ft 250 80
    20ft x 20ft 300 105
    22ft x 22ft 400 150
    24ft x 24ft 450 200
    26ft x 26ft 520 250


    Alternatively, if you require a rectangular shaped floor, this isn’t a problem at all. We can do any shaped dance floor as long as both sides are a multiple of 2ft.


    To add the extra WOW factor to your event, we are able to create walkways in most of our dance floor styles.

    Some of the most popular uses include a catwalk at a Fashion Show or an aisle running up to a stage at an Awards Ceremony.

    These can be attached to the main dance floor creating one large area perfect for presentations at Gala Dinners.

    We can easily put together a quotation combining both a dance floor and a walkway, alternatively the walkway can be hired on its own.


    Quick-fire Q&A Session

    Can the dance floor go outside?

    Our dance floors are not suitable to be laid directly outside. We can certainly install them into marquees and covered areas as long as there is a carpet underneath them. The panels are not waterproof or weather proof so they cannot safely be out of cover.


    Can we mix and match the dance floors?

    Of course! We often combine our dance floors to create different patterns at events. Whether it be Black and White Striped Starlit Dance Floor or a zigzag pattern with the Plain Dance Floors. If there’s a particular effect you’d like us to create let us know and we’ll try our best to make it happen!


    How long does a dance floor take to lay?

    Not long at all! Timings depend on the size and style of the dance floor though. To give you an idea, it takes around 15 minutes to lay a 12ft x 12ft Parquet or Plain Dance Floor or 30 minutes to lay a 12ft x 12ft Starlit Dance Floor once it is already in the venue. If you go up a size, add on 10 minutes – easy!


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    We hope that the information above has been useful and has maybe even inspired you for your next event!

    If you have any questions or would like to know more information on our Dance Floors, please do not hesitate to call us on 0116 202 9953 where one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to help!

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