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Blog / 16.2.22

Green Screen Studio – You Are What You Wear


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    Green Screen Studio Hire

    With our green screen studio, you can achieve a clean and professional, but creative video production for your business, event or communication!

    When filming on in our green screen studio, there are a few things you’ll need to know about how you dress to get the most out of your visit.

    We have put together a simply guide to help you along the way.

    Don’t wear:

    • Green or whites, Neutral or darker tones are best depending on the colours of your set.
    • Highly contrasting or dense patterns on your clothes including ties. E.g., a thin striped pattern is bad, but a wide stripe width would be better.
    • Shiny or reflective materials such as silks, sequins, or shiny shoes.
    • Hanging jewellery such as bracelets or necklaces – audio issues and shiny moving objects.

    Do wear:

    • Plain, matt materials.
    • Dark or neutral colours.
    • For long hair consider wearing it up and out of our face so you can be seen clearly.
    • Matt effect base makeup to avoid shine or an oily complexion on your face under the studio lights.

    Avoid any clothing that contains green tones of any kind, this is not limited to just the same shade as our green screen is painted but applies to all shades, even pastels or even green parts of a patterned material.

    Also avoid wearing anything shiny or reflective, this applies to silk like or sequined materials, jewellery, and glossy belts or shoes. Glasses should also be removed where possible as the glass will reflect the green or the lighting in the studio

    Patterns with high contrast colours such as black and white can look a little busy on camera, so consider this when choosing your outfit. Remember, this rule also applies to ties as well as other items of clothing.

    White shirts can cause issues with reflecting the green from the floor onto your cuffs and other parts of the shirt. Even when worn under a dark suit. A coloured or darker shirt such as blue or back will look much better on camera.

    Gesturing while on camera is good for making you appear engaging so anything that would cause you to need to stand still is not recommended. Hanging jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and watches or hairstyles warn down below the shoulder can hinder audio quality by rubbing or hitting against microphones.

    So there you have it, a quick and simply guide to getting the most of your visit to our green screen studio here at Premier Events in the Midlands.

    If you haven’t booked our green screen studio yet and would like more info on how we can help, get in touch with our event team.

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