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Event Management / 19.3.18

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    Back in February, we were approached by ITG to provide their client, a lifestyle and wellness brand wanting to host a live stream, broadcasting live from New York to satellite events in over ten different countries including Belgium, Canada, Brazil.

    Premier were tasked with proposing, quoting and installing a comprehensive video system allowing the live stream from New York to be watched by over 170 employees and the ability to send video back in return.

    Alongside the video system we also provided a PA system, internal and external lighting solutions, event furniture, ropes and posts at the venue entrance.

    Nestled within 450 acres of countryside and expansive lakes, Amber Lakes was the perfect venue for this event, and we were able to create additional reception space by adding a gazebo and patio heaters to the wrap around decking.

    The host took to the stage in New York and delivered a two hour speech; throughout which she was joined by a wide variety of guests including Oprah Winfrey. The presentation was delivered to staff across the globe concurrently at this event, so the pressure was on for Premier to deliver a flawless technical service.

    A collaborative effort across the Premier team was key to this events success, with the event management and production teams working together to plan and deliver the event within a very short timeframe. Our production team looked after developing and providing a complete AV solution, whilst our event management team liaised with the client and suppliers to ensure the event ran smoothly on the day.


    Video & Audio System

    Once a brief was given to the production team here at Premier, we were able to fully specify a system which allowed a full-duplex transmission between New York and Amber Lakes. At the heart of the video system was the Pulse switcher which overlooked all inputs and outputs and allowed the senior video technician to quality control and route various signals, effectively. Working with the venue to test and ensure we had adequate WIFI coverage was imperative as WIFI coverage was important as the event was reliant upon a strong bandwidth. The stream required a high bandwidth and download / upload speeds of 80mb/s to communicate with New York and a single mode fibre connection to the venue allowed this.  Knowledge of the AV requirements allowed Premier to identify suitable components for the system, these included products from Blackmagic, Apple, Pulse, Lenovo, Lumens, Samsung, Panasonic and many more.

    For the live stream at Amber Lakes, we installed one main screen and two repeater screens to ensure everyone seated had a clear view of all the action. Further analysis shows an effective system which used the 98” Samsung QM98F 4K screen with a Lumens VC-G50 HD hothead camera attached above it for the return feed to New York. Mixed from a control position was multiple inputs such as a dedicated laptop with a YouTube stream and another dedicated laptop for projecting branding and videos relating to the company itself.

    A clean camera feed was fed into the Blackmagic Web Presenter which is a tiny yet super effective device, this device gave technicians the ability to get a clean copy of the signal for the switcher and a USB connection between itself and a dedicated laptop with skype enabled to transmit back to the US. This device also allows the input of audio via XLR and stereo phono and will compile both audio and video into one feed for the dedicated skype laptop.

    For audio, the laptop retrieving the live stream produced a stereo signal which was fed into our in-house Yamaha QL1 and mixed by a senior sound engineer. This feed was then fed into L’Acoustics LA8 amplifiers which were powering 4x L’Acoustics 8XT speakers. We also installed another 2 8XT speakers which allowed background music to be played in different areas within the venue.


    Event Management

    Premier’s event management team had to hit the ground running when they received the clients brief, as they only had ten working days to plan and deliver this high profile, high pressure event. Within these ten days, they attended a site visit, negotiated with a variety of suppliers to source the best suited and most cost effective catering, gazebo, videographers and furnishings.

    Consistent communication with the client throughout the planning of the event ensured that the styling and theming of the space matched their vision for the event. Developing a selection of canapes with the caterers that would be SmartPoint sensitive was of the upmost importance for this event. We were able to provide a range of healthy and delicious options that were enjoyed by everyone on the day. Our Event Director and Event Manager both attended the event to provide onsite support to the client and ensure the day ran smoothly. They efficiently managed supplier deliveries and installation, guest arrivals, cloakroom facilitation, and catering.


    Theming and Decor

    Our Victoria Ghost chairs were used for this event, lending the room a clean, fresh and modern feel. Oak and steel poseur tables were used to balance textures within the space, and decorated with simple flower arrangements. Ropes, posts and carpet added a sense of occasion to the entrance, and additional lighting including fairy lights, uplighters LED spheres added atmosphere to the drinks reception once the sun set. The finer details are always crucial at every event and our wealth of expertise and experience helps us to work with our clients to deliver show stopping event.



    I just wanted to say thank you again for yesterday and all the days running up! Everyone here was so pleased with how the event went, and really that’s down to you and your lovely team! We would never have pulled it off without you guys 😊

    Here’s to the next one 😉

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