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Case Study / 3.8.20

#Forgotten LTD – Digital Mosaic


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    We recently supported #Forgotten Ltd with the creation of a digital mosaic as part of their ongoing campaign.


    Forgotten LTD is an organisation formed by group of volunteers around the UK who have never actually physically met (yet!). They are passionate about fighting the current injustice on behalf of the millions of #ForgottenLtd business owners. Kate, one of the founding members, who has worked with Premier on many occasions, got in touch as they wanted to raise awareness of their campaign with the help our engagement team. The idea behind this exciting activation would be to stream a live build of a virtual 2D digital mosaic using the faces of all of the #ForgottenLTD members over a set period of time.


    Working closely Kate, one of the Forgotten LTD founders and campaigners, we created a tailor-made mosaic design which would be streamed live via facebook and youtube in our hybrid studio here at our HQ in Leicester. We decided that we would use Twitter as the mechanism to extract images from using the hashtag #forgottenltd. The technology behind the scenes allowed our engagement team to use an API to extract the images and push them through our mosaic software. As the event was going to be live and over a short space of time, lots of testing had to be achieved in order to rule out any technical issues on the day.


    The activation itself was built in 2 parts. We needed to ensure all #forgettenltd members were aware of campaign and how it would work on live day. Kate, filmed a short 45 second video in our hybrid studio which was broadcasted to all members privately so they understood what needed to do. They were advised that we would broadcast live at a set time and the activation would last 30 minutes. In this time, they would be required to share a photo of themselves or a picture linked to their business, to twitter using the hashtag #forgottenltd. The feedback at this stage from the members was really good, and they couldn’t wait to get behind this exciting activation.

    On the day of the activation, we scheduled to go live via facebook & Youtube at 11am and the run the activation for approx, 30 minutes. The activation launched and we were happy to receive an enormous amount of images via the custom twitter API from business owners that shared via the #forgottenltd hashtag on twitter. Over the course of the 30 mins the digital mosaic built steadily and it was completed on time using 600 images.

    Premier’s Michael Gregson from our Event tech and Engagement team lead the activation and was very happy with the end results and how seamless the whole activation ran. He said, “working on this cause was a great and exciting opportunity for us here at Premier Events. Usually we would be onsite running this kind of activation but due to the pandemic, we are now running more virtual activations in our hybrid studio. It was a pleasure to work with Kate on something new and for a great cause.”


    All of the campaigners and members at #ForgottenLTD were thrilled with the end result and the traction the campaign has and still achieving on their social channels.

    Completed Mosaic


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