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Weddings / 14.6.16

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Dance floor hire at Floral Media near Newark

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    Floral Media is a new venue to us here at Premier Weddings.

    We were very excited when our client asked us to be involved in the hire of a Black Starlit Dance Floor for this venue. Hannah approached us back in January of this year and enquired as to whether she thought a Black Starlit Dance Floor would be fitting in a venue of this kind and also whether we delivered to the Nottingham area, and of course we do!

    We deliver all over the UK so a venue based in Newark, Nottingham is right next door to our Leicester based headquarters.

    The venue is based in a Gardens and there are two different rooms available on site. Hannah wanted to see her wedding reception in the greenhouse like facility room. It is an unusual venue in a stunning setting so it was perfect for Hannah who was looking for something a little out of the box.

    Our Black Starlit Dance Floor was delivered the morning of the wedding and it was installed and cleaned for a sparkly finish all before the ceremony started. We then went back that evening after the event had finished to derig the floor ready for the next wedding the following day.

    Hannah also hired a trusty Royal Mail Post Box from Premier Weddings. White was their colour of choice and they had a personalised cover for the front of the box with their names and date. This was placed on the gift table for a secure place for the guests to put their generous gifts and cards.

    We met with Steve on the site from the venue and he instructed us on where the items were to be positioned. He was also there upon collection; he was a great support for the day alongside the bridal party members.

    In conclusion, our client Hannah was more than happy with the finished look of her wedding reception and they danced the night away on a shiny, sparkly dance floor.

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