Reading Fashion Show for KFC


Event Production / 24.2.17

Fashion Show for KFC

Our team provided the AV for a fashion show at the SECC for KFC

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    As part of a larger event that we provided event management and production for, we were tasked with turning Hall 2 at the SECC into a space suitable for 1,200 delegates to eat lunch, and watch a fashion show.

    With a selection of new uniform options to showcase to staff, it was crucial that as many of them as possible could see the catwalk.


    Our in house designer created a visual of the space for the fashion show, which included the catwalk and backdrop, so that our client knew what to expect on the day of the event.

    We also liaised with the venue to ensure that the space that we had left was suitable for them to serve all 1,200 delegates lunch in the 60 minute period that they would be in the room.

    Equipment Used

    As the hall’s perimeter walls are draped in black, we wanted to provide a contrast for the backdrop of the catwalk and so used a white trevera drape for this purpose.

    The white drape backdrop also allowed us to provide a partitioned off area behind the stage which could be used by both the caterers and the models for the show.

    To ensure that all of the delegates could clearly hear we used 18x L-Acoustic KARA and 8x SB18 subwoofers, all of which was flown from the roof of the venue for optimum coverage.

    A selection of microphones were used by presenters on the catwalk and audio playback was provided by a dedicated Apple MacBook Pro and processed by a Yamaha LS9 digital desk.

    A mixture of intelligent and generic lighting was used to provide both ambient lighting in the room as well as creative lighting solutions for the catwalk element.

    On stage we utilised 8 of the Elation FUZE wash moving heads. Elation Platinum Spot 5R PRO’S were used to add dynamic lighting to the catwalk area and were rigged overhead and on doughty drop bars.

    30x Elation Sixbars were used to light the white drape backdrop, allowing us to change the colour of it when required.

    24x Robe Robin LED 600 washes were utilised as room wash

    Generic catwalk lighting was provided with 36x Source Four’s and 24x Par 64’s.

    All lighting was controlled using an Avolites Quartz lighting desk by our lighting engineer.

    Premier also supplied the 30x illuminated poseur tables and Chesterfield sofas which were used in the hall.


    What can I say other than thank you?! You guys and your team seriously helped bring our conference to life in the most amazing way.

    Our MD was raving about it “the production team are insanely good…I can’t believe how good this is” was one of the texts I received.


    Total Equipment Replacement Charge – £312,366.10

    Total Equipment Weight – 6691.91kg

    Venue – SEC, Glasgow

    Transport – 1x 44T Artic

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