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Event Production / 10.7.18

Fashanne Awards 2018

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    For the third year running we were asked to create a bespoke package for this year’s Fashanne Awards. Held for the second year in a row at St Marys Church, Nottingham.

    After two successful years the brief was to build another successful event, changing the layout but keeping the same atmosphere.



    Having met Anne Davies, Fashanne’s founder on site, we were able to take away her ideas to create a CAD plan and 3D render of the church showing the seating, stage, lighting and audio layout.

    This year rather than having a traditional catwalk for the fashion show we created a stage in the round, with walkways between the seating and around the stage. This allowed the guests to see the models with their clothing and accessories up close and at a variety of angles.

    In doing a stage in the round we faced a few challenges. Firstly, lighting to ensure that all the models were well lit without creating too many shadows or blinding the audience. Secondly, we had to come up with an audio package that could ensure all guests would hear without blocking sight lines to the stage. Using L-Acoustic Sound Vision software we plotted the room with speakers in various places to ensure we ended with the perfect combination of speakers. The software ensured we had even coverage even with the pillars of the room in the way.


    Equipment Used

    The centre stage was made up of stagedex levelled and finished off with black carpet and casement to ensure a smart finished look.

    Audio was fed from a Yamaha QL1 into matched amps for the speakers using the correct DSP’s. Speakers were a combination of L-Acoustic X8’s and 5XT’s as infills. Subwoofers were SB18’s placed discreetly out of the way. Four Sennheiser G3 handhelds were used throughout the event for the singers, host and judges.

    Lighting was complimentary to the event, each church pillar was up lit using an Elation Sixbar 1000. Four truss podiums were installed with tungsten wash light to ensure even colour on the models. Each podium was topped with an Elation Davinci for room effects and specials during the awards. Four more Davinci’s were placed on the corners of the stage also to give effects. Four Sparkulars were also positioned on the corners of the stage used in the awards to great effect as amazing wow factor making even the hosts stop and look.

    To create the VIP area we installed 15x aluminium poseur tables with black lycra covers and 60x bar stools.





    A massive big thank you to you guys and team! As ever, you were great.

    We’ve only had positive feedback from the event so far….it seemed to go very smoothly.

    We are booking you again for next year – same place

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