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Exhibition Stands with LED Video Wall

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    Embrace the future of exhibition stands by integrating LED video wall into your next stand!

    At Premier Events, we have been designing and building exhibition stands for our clients across the UK for a number of years. Our recent investment in LED video wall allows us to integrate this fantastic product into our clients stands.

    Designing visually appealing and engaging exhibition stands is our key priority here at Premier. Our goal is to ensure that your exhibition stand attracts visitors and gives you the best possible chance to sell your products and services to them.

    So why video wall?

    Traditional exhibition stands compromise of graphics printed onto the walls of the stand. With LED video wall, we can change those graphics, allowing multiple products or messages to be displayed to potential clients.

    These graphics no longer need to be static, as with social media, video content is now key. Video is much more impactful and allows you to have longer to influence potential visitors to step onto your stand and engage with your representatives.

    Our Unilumin Video wall is also extremely bright. It’s much more eye-catching compared to print and we find that visitors eyes are automatically drawn to it. In an exhibition hall full of print, a stand which has video wall integrated into it will certainly stand out from the crowd.


    Content Design

    Worried about creating content? Our in-house video production team will work with you to create content for the video wall that’s both engaging and informative.

    We appreciate that video wall is only worth having if you have the content to use on it, if you don’t then we would always recommend traditional printed designs which we can still assist with.


    Stand Design

    Our team of project managers will work with you to create a stand that fits both your brief and budget. They have years of experience and are happy to answer any questions you have about the stand. They won’t try and confuse you with technical terms or baffle you with science.


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    To find out more about integrating LED video wall into your next exhibition stand get in touch with our friendly team today.

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