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Event Production / 7.1.18

Exhibition Stand at Excel

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    We were approached by IT company, Risual and asked to design & install a 10m x 6m exhibition stand for the Future Decoded event London Excel. The stand was to consist of a sub floor, truss, video and a bespoke wooden tree.

    Premier were given a brief which included the wish for us to incorporate both a wooden tree with meeting room inside it and umbrellas and primary colours. The brief allowed our designer to create a 3D visual of the stand that we intended to produce

    Something that the team faced as a challenge was building a 13ft high & 8ft in diameter wooden tree as we needed to ensure it is sturdy yet able to accommodate 5 people in a meeting room style interior. We suggested portraying the mix of colour with the umbrellas, we could hang them from steel wire and cover the tree in them, however whilst the creative aspect of bringing this stand to life is important, the technical aspect of getting it to work in an exhibition style environment was crucial. Our team had to incorporate both power & data drops into the stand in a number of locations.

    Premier have worked with Risual on some exciting exhibition stands but this one stood out the most and was great fun to bring to life!



    As the stand required a considerable amount of custom built features such as the Tree, Plant Pots & Tables it was a priority to get the correct materials and organise time for the workshop to build and test such structures. Once materials had been purchased it was the job of the production team to effectively communicate with technicians building it to ensure the result was exactly what the client wanted.

    Alongside the building of the Tree many different components of this build were being considered such as specifying and placing screens to ensure attendees are drawn to the stand.

    Three LCD screens would be positioned on the tree which were for face to face interaction and discussion as well as two more were installed on the truss structure.

    During the build, the team brainstormed all possible methods of installation giving them a better working platform when figuring out how to be effective on site. Premier had a selection of lighting to choose from as we knew an even wash was needed across the stand. The Selecon 650W Fresnel was chosen due to its wide beam angle of 6 – 60 degrees. The barn door accessory allows us to shape out leading edges, light the tree, meeting areas and features adequately.

    Premier built and tested bespoke design elements prior to the event, to ensure that it was aesthetically pleasing and of course, what the client asked for. This also makes installation on site even easier, using the same technicians in the workshop and on site alongside the fact that when it is first built, we can mark and pack anything in the right order, to ensure that its built the same way on site.


    Equipment Used

    For the bespoke wooden tree, Premier used European whitewood which all attached to circular 26mm plywood bracing. These braces were 8ft in diameter and were situated at the bottom, middle & top of the tree to ensure sturdiness. 43” & 50” Panasonic screens were used which had Sumvision Cyclone media players looping content, the media players simply require a USB or SD card with content stored on them and it will loop video / graphics making it great for isolated locations.

    The 10x6m Truss Box was made up of 1m, 2m & 3m lengths and was lifted using Genie SLA15 Super Lifts, simply building the square and adding legs 1 meter at a time to the required height of 4m.

    Alongside the bespoke tree, a number of plant pots were manufactured and made available to the client to enforce the context and atmosphere they wanted to portray. This also required Premier doing a run to the local gardening centre and purchasing 200 pansies!

    The stand was colourful and stood out above all the others with its custom-built structure and wooden plant pots. 150 primary coloured umbrellas were also used and hung from the truss box itself along with an astro turf flooring.

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