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Event Management / 6.8.18

Event Management – New Store Openings

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    For over a year now Premier has been managing the new store opening events for one of our key clients.

    When we took on the account, the brief was to relinquish the client of some of the event responsibilities, such as:

    • Creating briefing documentation and detailed working documents
    • Building relationships with the necessary councils and acquiring any licences and permits required
    • Create and distribute detailed Risk Assessments and Method Statements
    • Status checks and regular reports, stock lists, updates and damage reviews on all kit housed by Premier
    • Store all kit required for the event, excluding perishables that are to be sent to the event site
    • Problem solving pre and during the event
    • Managing all accommodation booking for the team onsite and event entertainers
    • Managing the event budgets to keep within our client’s requirements
    • Booking all suppliers for onsite at the event including the entertainment and transport
    • Maintenance of all kit onsite
    • Storage, maintenance and servicing of the beverage van

    The aim onsite is to build a positive relationship with the local community, making them aware that the store is now open, gaining feedback about the store and the brand from passing trade and helping new local customers fall in love with the products and service from our client.



    Our client’s events are specific to them, as with all our clients, we tailor the events to ensure they receive the best service and each action is carefully managed to provide the most efficient outcome.

    Once we receive the event location and dates, the team then works efficiently to research the location and create a site plan for the event. The site plan is a useful tool to ensure all the required kit and beverage van can fit within the allocated event space.  Alongside this, the team works with the locations local authority or council to obtain the correct licences and permits for the event to go ahead with council approval.

    Once these approvals are secured, the transport, and entertainers can be booked along with any accommodation required for the team.

    As with any event produced and managed by Premier, the team then construct a detailed Risk Assessment and Method Statement which is shared with the council. Time is then spent checking the stock levels held at the Premier warehouse and working closely with our client to order any items that may be required for event.

    These events generally run for 4 hours on a Friday and Saturday to capture the local community whilst they are out shopping.

    For each event, the onsite team consists of one Event Manager and one Event Crew member, this provides enough support to install and run the event efficiently and also keep all stock levels topped up throughout the event.

    Once the event has ended, the kit is then packed into the Premier van where it is taken back to our warehouse to be cleaned, thoroughly checked for any damage and/or wear and tear and carefully stored for the next event.

    A detailed post event report is then written for the client to keep a track of the event and the interaction levels per event.


    Equipment Used

    As the clients events company, we store and maintain all the kit required for the events, including furniture, gazebos, uniforms, parasols, directional and marketing signage, all the necessary equipment to produce beverages onsite at the event, some perishable stock and their personalised beverage van that the drinks are served from.

    The kit is maintained to an extremely high level by our team and is the reason Premier were awarded with a 5-star hygiene rating from the local council. All the kit is properly cleaned and stored in between each event. A lot of care and time is taken when preparing the kit for these events to ensure no kit is left behind or is in an unsuitable condition.

    As a company we then transport these items to the event site and position as required – this may be in front of the new store itself or it might be a short walk from the store in a town square or train station depending on the location and the target customers for that area.

    We also provide lighting solutions for the events that start earlier in the day during the winter months to catch the attention of commuters on their journey to work. Lights such as festoon lighting are attached to the beverage van, this also adds to the overall décor of the event.


    Event Management

    These events rely heavily on our event management team to produce the necessary documents for the council and effective management of all the suppliers involved, this ensures the event is prepared to its full potential, minimising onsite difficulties.

    The event management team are also required to install and de-rig the event allowing our clients own Barista’s to focus solely on their job of making beverages and interacting with the potential new customers and the local community.

    The Premier team are always on hand to support our client throughout every stage of the event and this allows them to take a step back whilst the years of experience we have in house shine through during the event.

    Onsite we also gather relevant customer feedback which allows our client to evaluate the event both through the number of beverages served and the customer feedback collated.



    • 14 events across the UK in 18 months
    • Over 6,000 hot beverages and over 1,000 cold beverages served
    • 3,650 miles travelled


    To find out more about how our event management team can help with your upcoming store openings or promotions, get in touch with our friendly team on 0116 202 9953.

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