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Weddings / 3.1.16

A Day in the life of Wedding Co-ordinator – Libbie

a day in the life of wedding co-ordinator Libbie cooper

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    Last year we attended over 200 weddings providing our fantastic products and services. It’s a well-known fact that there is no such thing as a ‘typical day’ for a wedding coordinator and Libbie is no exception to the rule.

    Working to deadlines, confirming contracts and trying to come up with new and creative ideas all the time can be demanding but a perfect wedding always makes it worthwhile.

    Libbie says

    ‘Every client wants their wedding to be as special as possible, and a lot of the time clients ask me what they can do that is different to your average wedding. Luckily Premier is the perfect place to be able to offer that extra something to make your wedding day unique. Whether my clients are looking for a stunning focal point, put their names in lights or create something more visual, I can work alongside the other guys at Premier to come up with something spectacular.’

    So talk us through the process of a new client…

    ‘A lot of my enquiries come through via email or phone, and ideally I try to arrange a meeting with the bride and groom at either our office in Leicester or at the chosen wedding venue. I like to get a brief overview of what the couple are trying to achieve and then I can start piecing together some ideas. Following this, I will put together a proposal that will include all of the required products as services, with all costs and product information included. That way my clients can really see what their products are going to look like and hopefully the proposal will answer any questions about individual products. At this stage my clients usually call and chop and change things until it’s perfectly tailored to fit their needs. Once we have finalised what it is we are trying to achieve will we will get the order confirmed and the worry done with!’

    Some of Libbie’s favourite products at Premier UK Events


    Image Projection

    ‘Image projection is one of my favourite additions to a wedding reception. Let’s be honest who doesn’t want to see their names up in lights! Every time a couple choose to do this, they can design their own image and even add their wedding date to make it even more personal should they want to. Plus it’s really not very expensive!’ 


    LED Blossom Tree

    ‘This really is my favourite! It’s just so pretty, and it can go inside and outside. You can imagine how pretty the tree looks at night time outside. Previous clients like to put the tree in an entrance way, or somewhere for photos. Quite literally picture-perfect!’ 


    White Starlit Dance Floor

    ‘The ever famous white starlit dance floor! Really, I should be bored of these by now, but when you see photos like this, the plain floors just don’t have the same effect! They really are stunning, I love how the lights shine through the gown!’ 


    If you are planning a wedding, please get in touch and speak with Libbie.

    You can call the office or drop Libbie an email at with your name and details and she will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.

    Libbies Favourites


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