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Event Production / 9.1.19

Coventry Telegraph Business Awards

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    To provide full production on behalf of Champions PLC for the annual Coventry Telegraph Business awards.

    This event required the combination of Staging, Truss, Set, Video, Lighting & Audio to bring the event in the premier lounge at the Ricoh Arena alive.

    There was also a separate drinks reception featuring live music whilst the guests arrived. The given brief was an awards dinner celebrating the best business’ and individuals within Coventry over the past year, this also incorporated two live acts, fixed camera within the top floor location.



    After discussing the event requirements with the client and sourcing technical drawings from the venue we started to design a set and technical elements to complement the room as well as give maximum impact to the guests.

    Set and stage was then put into a 3d rendering software to show the client what the final room layout would look like. With this signed off we could send the set drawings down to our workshop for manufacturing and custom wrapping.

    Careful consideration had to take place to ensure a disabled ramp to stage followed the regulations set down in the purpleguide.  This was a ramp of even ratio of 1:12, this cleverly hidden behind the set allowed disabled access to stage without impacting the look of the set and stage

    Using L-Acoustic Sound Vision we mapped out the room and plotted the room to ensure that we had the correct amount of line array cells combined with small coaxial speakers to give even coverage across the room.



    With such a long thin room we designed a large set that housed three projector screens this allowed any part of the room to see the video content even with tables in front of them.  This coupled with our dedicated main and backup show laptops connected with a hive microcue meant that the content was reliable. Using two Panasonic PT-RZ970 for the outer screens and a Panasonic PT-EX580EJ for the centre screen.  A camera with an operator was deployed at the back of the room using a PMW-350K to capture content for the client as well as live shots to screen.

    For audio we made use of L-Acoustic Kara line array featuring four cells aside as well as four SB18 subs. We added additional X8’s around the room as well as front fills to the stage. On stage for the acts we used L-Acoustic 12xt.  All amps we L-Acoustic LA8’s which allowed us to control the amps over a network. We opted for the AKG CK43 Lectern microphones on each lectern as back up. For the hosts we used  wireless Sennheiser EW300 handheld microphones, and beltpacks coupled with dpa4088 headsets this gave a great reliable sound from the hosts.  We utilised our Yamaha QL1 with a Yamaha Rio16-08

    For the stage we used our modular 2m x 1m stagedex allowing us easy access to the room but giving a solid strong result. Covered in Black high quality carpet that comes with a film covering which is removed last minute to ensure that the carpet remains looking sharp for the show. Edged with fresh casement for each show this coupled with a hidden ramp gave a neat finished stage.

    Set was made in house to exact dimensions this was then covered in a white leatherette however this can be changed for the clients requirement and desired finish.

    Lighting was controlled by an Avolites quartz using an elation enode this allowed us to send artnet down the same multicore being used by audio and meant less cable on site. After the Enode DMX went to the front truss which had four Chauvet R2 washes on. These gave a great wash to the room and the stage.  The front bar also had 8 generics a combination of four fresnels and four ETC Source 4 juniors this gave ample face wash to the presenters, acts and the winners not only for the audience but also the camera. We also had a floor package consisting of fourteen Elation Sixbar 1000 used as set uplighting and four Elation 5r extreme’s. This combination of lights added set colour as well as effects for winner stings. Four Sparkulars were used at the front edge of the stage to give even more impact when the winners went to collect their awards.



    • Total equipment value: £230,950.
    • Total Weight: 6058kg
    • Transport: 1no 26T
    • 1x Production Manager
    • 1x Senior Video Technician
    • 1x Camera Operator
    • 1x Sound technician
    • 1x Lighting Technician
    • 2x General Crew

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