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Event Production / 27.7.18

Corporate 25th Anniversary

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    Cherubs Nurseries & Child Care East Midlands are a regular customer to Premier Event’s so we were delighted to hear they were looking to involve us for the 25th year anniversary awards evening and ball. The event took place at the East Midlands Conference centre, where we provided a full AV production and set design. 



    On receiving the brief our production team were tasked with providing a quotation to suit the client’s requirements. A site visit was conducted before the event to take measurements of the room as well as establishing the access and existing trust structures inside. 

    To give the client with a clearer understanding of the quotation, we created a 3D visual of the room, built from a CAD plan, so the client could see what the lighting and stage would look like prior to us installing the event. 


    Equipment Used


    After the site visit, an L’Acoustic soundvision was created which allows us to plot in the venue and map where the sound will go and how many speakers are required for the venue to have the perfect coverage. 

    The PA system was made up of six speakers. These were four L-Acoustic X8 top cab speakers and two L-Acoustic SB18 sub speakers. This allowed a concise and wide audio coverage for both speeches as well as providing the low end punch when the DJ took to the stage after the awards. 

    This was all controlled via our Yamaha QL5 digital mixing desk complete with a RIO stage box, allowing us to send the microphones and DJ signals down a single cable. 



    With the venue having lengths of truss built in, it gave us a great opportunity to fly quite a bit of lighting allowing for some great areal effects and light shows. 

    We installed eight Chauvet R2 washes to provide the room with ambient coloured lighting meaning we could turn the in in house lighting off and guests still able to see. We then installed four ADJ Event Bar Pro’s which allowed us to pin spot every table in the venue. 

    To create the flashing dancefloor lighting effects for when the DJ took to the stage we flew four Elation Platinum Spot 5R Pros and two Elation Artiste DaVinci lights. The combination of flashing, colour changing gobos created the party atmosphere to dance the night away, post award ceremony. 

    During the award ceremony to provide the walk-up drama, we positioned eight Elation 5R Beams on stage. With the combination of the haze machine, this created tight and crisp beams through the air. 



    A complete custom set was built for the event. This was built around a 16ft x 9ft screen with the idea to create a large focal point for the stage. As it was front projection it needed to be taller than the host and award winners so they could walk on stage without casting shadows. As the set panels reached heights of 15ft and above, the weight meant we suspended some of the panels off the truss to provide additional support. 



    We provided 6 digital radios for the event which were an integral element for communicating between the host, venue manager, bar manager and of course our AV team. It allowed us to provide seamless transitions between awards and food service. 



    “Thank you so much for Saturday’s Summer Ball and Awards. As ever, Premier really deliver and are instrumental in the success of the event. It’s a real pleasure working with you guys, every year, and I really would not go anywhere else. From pre to post event Premier make everything so seamless and it makes my job so much easier knowing that I’m leaving so much responsibility in such experienced and knowledgeable hands.” 



    Total Equipment Value – £145,612.51 

    Total Weight – 4431.48kgs 

    Transport – 1x 18T Truck 

    Premier Team 

    – 1x Senior Lighting Engineer 

    – 1x Senior Sound Engineer 

    – 1x Senior Video Engineer 

    – 5x General Technicians 

    – 4x Crew 

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