Reading Conference at Hilton Birmingham Metropole


Case Study / 11.11.15

Conference at Hilton Birmingham Metropole

Premier supported WSP with a conference held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole

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The Hilton Birmingham Metropole was the location for this annual conference that Premier was asked to provide AV support for.

Having used another AV supplier for the last few years and not having been blown away with what was delivered, the client decided that they wanted to look elsewhere and they were pointed in our direction by their event organiser. The format for the event was a conference during the day and a dinner at night with entertainment booked by the client.

After receiving a brief from the client our project team designed an AV, set and stage package, which incorporated all of their needs. We incorporated the blue from the client’s logo into the set design as well as allowed space for branding opportunities, which we printed for the client.

Once we were happy with the 3D visual that was created we sent this to the client along with an itemised break down of all of the costs involved in us supplying the AV for the event.


Premier provided the following elements:

Stage & Set

A 28’ x 10’ felted set was created; this was covered in both blue and white to fit with the client’s corporate colours. A 12’ x 6’9” rear projection screen was inserted into the set creating a large screen for content to be viewed on.

4ft x 4ft logo boards were printed by us and attached to the set for additional branding as well as logos applied to the acrylic lecterns.

The stage itself was 6m x 3m in size, carpeted in black carpet and the sides and front covered with a black cotton material. As the stage was 600mm high we also incorporated 2 step units to allow for easy access to the stage for the presenters.



For the conference element we used 6 of the L-Acoustic 8XT speakers as the main PA system. Two per side were placed on round base stands down the side of the venue and an additional two placed on the stage to act as fills. For the evening entertainment we added 12XT’s and SB18 subwoofers. All of the speakers were powered using three L-Acoustics LA8 amplifiers.

Due to the number of presenters and the entertainers, in total we required 6 channels of Sennheiser EW300 G3 radio microphones as well as 4 of the amazing sounding DPA headsets.

A dedicated show laptop and media player was used to play background music and walk up stings for the presenters throughout the event.

All of the audio equipment was controlled by the great sounding and industry standard, Yamaha LS9-32 digital desk.



Lighting for the event was fairly simple, we used six ETC Source 4 Jnr Zoom profile lights to illuminate the stage area when required. These were fitted to a dimmer allowing us to have full control of their brightness.

The set itself was uplit using 10 of the exceptionally versatile Elation SixBar 1000 LED battens.

To add some colour to the venue we also positioned 16 of our Elation LED par cans around the perimeter of the venue.



The client had a selection of both video and PowerPoint content to present during the conference and dinner. To cater for their needs we provided two of our Dell show laptops for the slide show content and a MacBook Pro with Playback Pro for the video content. These 3 laptops all fed into our seamless switcher, which allowed us to switch between inputs seamlessly throughout the event.

All content was displayed using a Panasonic 5,600 lumen HD projector. Two 27” HD comfort monitors were positioned in felt hides in front of the stage for the presenters to see what content was being displayed behind them.



We supplied a dedicated sound and video engineer for the show day who were on hand to deal with any requests from the client and to run the AV. Additional crew were required for the install and de-rig as well as a 26T truck to transport the equipment to site.


Here is what the client had to say:

Hi Claire,

Firstly – a big thank you to you and the team for an excellently-run AV service. The guys were very accommodating, it all seemed to run very smoothly, I was really pleased with the outcome – and so were my stakeholders! 

With kind regards,


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