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Event Production / 28.11.13

Charity Fashion Show

We were approached by a local charity, Hope Against Cancer, to support them with their upcoming charity fashion show taking place at the Porsche Centre in Leicester.

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    The charity wanted to create a visually appealing catwalk for which incorporated a large screen which could be used for displaying sponsors logos as well as the clothing brands being displayed on the night.

    To ensure that as many guests as possible could see the clothes being modeled on the night we decided to make the length of the catwalk 11m. With 3 rows of seating each side of the catwalk this certainly achieved its objective.

    We utilised white felt set panels for the rear of the catwalk. This allowed us to install an 8ft x 6ft screen in the middle of the catwalk. Additional side set panels were used for models to hide behind before it was their time to take to the catwalk.

    Changing rooms for the models were at the front of the showroom which caused us a problem as we needed to get the models to the back of the catwalk without being seen by the guests. To get around this we installed a 20m run of black wool serge drape to create a walkway for models to use before and after their ‘walk’.

    For lighting we installed 6 Prolyte H30V truss podiums at 3m height. These were used to support a moving head each as well as the 12x ETC source 4 profile lights which illuminated the catwalk area ensuring that guests could clearly see the clothing on show.

    PA was covered with four of our L-Acoustics 12XT speakers as well as two SB18 subwoofers for low end reinforcement. Hand held Sennheiser EW300 G3 microphones were used by the compare and organisers of the show. CD playback was also provided to play the music required for each catwalk session. All audio was ran through the industry standard Yamaha LS9 digital desk.

    Video content was played from our show laptops with redundancy being supported with a Krammer seamless switcher / scaler.

    To ensure that guests could see the showroom as they approached we installed our Studio Due Space Flower 3000 searchlight to the rear of the showroom. This super bright light and can be seen up to 3km away.

    This is what the client said after the event:

    Thank you for making Thursday eve so spectacular. I’m sure you will agree the evening surpassed all expectations and we have received many complimentary comments through social media and calls to the Hope office.

    Again a huge thankyou, I felt very proud to be part of the evening,


    Events Manager

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