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Blog / 25.4.16

Celebrity Influenced Weddings

We look at celebrity styled weddings in this latest blog post

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    Nearly every bride is a fan of a good celebrity wedding, and in 2015 boy did we see some corkers!

    With the likes of Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright getting married last May, and of course not forgetting the Swedish Royal Wedding of Prince Carl Phillip and Sofia Hellqvist, the brides-to-be of 2016 were not left disappointed for inspiration.

    Here at Premier Weddings, we like to spy on all celebrity weddings, as they are great for setting new trends and exciting our clients as to what they can achieve. It has been known that some of our clients over the years want that Celebrity-Like wedding for themselves, and why not I say!

    Our wedding coordinator Libbie has done her research into Celebrity-Like weddings and has come to the conclusion that there are two maybe three types of celebrity weddings.

    1. The Grand Wedding – these weddings are often a statement of supremacy. They are usually in fabulous settings such as stately homes or castles, (although if you’re Jonny Depp, why not celebrate on your own private island in the Bahamas).  They involve striking focal points, large centre pieces and can literally leave their guests speechless.
    2. The Floral Wedding – Some celebrities choose to go crazy with flowers! Flower arches, floral centrepieces, huge bouquets, lining the aisle with more flowers, the list goes on (oh and not forgetting if you’re Kim Kardashian, let’s have a whole wall made of real flowers to have your 20 minute ceremony in front of)!
    3. And last but by no means least, The Royal Wedding – Royal weddings make the previously mentioned Grand Weddings look like a small intimate affair! When a Royal Prince or Princess marry, it can sometimes feel like Walt Disney is real after all. Being wed in some of the most prestigious buildings all over the world, with a guest list that even the Oscars can’t get their claws into, these weddings really can be something out of this world.

    So here at Premier Weddings, Libbie has been coming up with a list of products and services that we can use to help create that Celebrity-Like wedding, no matter the budget. So here are some useful tips to help you achieve that extravagant feel.

    • Your Grand Entrance – We know that your entrance is one of the most important aspects to your big day and here at Premier Weddings, we can certainly make your entrance an unforgettable one.
      • Our White Aisle Runners are perfect for that stand out arrival. With different lengths available we are sure to find one that is suitable for your venue.
      • Light it up! Use Chrome Lanterns with real or LED candles (some venues don’t allow real candles, so don’t forget to check!), or previously our clients have chosen you use our 95cm Chrome Candelabras to outline their aisle and then to save costs, transported them to their reception room as centre pieces.
      • You could also think about having a VIP Red Carpet for your reception entrance if you really wanted to feel like a star! You can pair the carpet with ropes and posts too, for that ultimate finish.
    • Utilise your venue’s features – So many clients hire wonderful venues and don’t utilise what they have to offer.
      • Does your venue have pillars, if so dress them up! We have dressed many a pillar and it really brings your ceremony, or reception area to life.
      • If you have a basic function room that you need to make more attractive, you may want to think about services such as Image Projection. This can add texture to your room by creating a starry effect on the ceiling for example, or a simple ‘break up’ pattern on the floor/walls, can really bring the room together perfectly.
      • If your venue has a specific feature such as a water fountain, or maybe you’ve created your own, light it up! We have stage floods should it be a large area, or event spots for the smaller elements that peak your interest!
    • Uplighting – This has the ability to completely transform a room. Depending on what you are trying to achieve with uplighting it also has the ability to accentuate what is already beautiful in your chosen venue.
      •  We have the Elation Sixbar 1000 uplighter in stock. This uplight can create incredible gold and pastel tones, these uplights can make your basic function room look like something out of Hollywood, or make your already beautiful venue a more warm and inviting space.
      • Need some colour? Our LED Battens are available for adding flashes of colour to your ceremony and reception. These are great if you have a theme like winter wonderland and are looking to colour wash your walls ice blue! (You can check out more lighting tips in our blog of The Importance of Wedding Lighting).
    • Table Decor – Your family and friends generally sit at your tables for at least 2 hours, so what they are looking at needs to be worthy of their time. It is essential for your tables to fit your theme and when looking at Celebrity-Like weddings there is no stopping us! So how can we make your tables look LA ready?
      • Celebrities often tend to go flower happy with their centrepieces, which if you can afford real flowers, they can look absolutely stunning. However artificial flowers can look cheap, as they can often look more yellow than the ivory/cream tones that you perhaps want and therefore I highly recommend going to see your potential piece before submitting your order. Nevertheless, Premier Weddings has invested in a small stock of Artificial Flower Table Centres and you really can’t tell! You can add these to our 95cm Chrome Candelabras for that grand and elegant touch, or use our Pedestals or Roseball Glass Stand if you are looking for something with less height.
      • Premier Weddings are a little obsessed with lighting, and Pin Spotting your tables is the perfect way to brighten up your reception party for those guests that may not want to dance the night away. The moment when your main lights get turned off and the pin spots come on can be a rather impressive moment for your guests to experience.
      • If Pin Spotting is too extravagant, or not in the budget, consider our Starlit LED Tables. The Starlit LED Tables are 6ft round and have built in small LED’s. When a white tablecloth is laid over the top, the small lights shine through and create a stunning touch of light to your tables.
    • Finishing Touches – We believe every wedding needs something that stands out, whether you are trying to achieve a Celebrity-Like wedding or not. Something somewhere needs to wow your guests and this is Premier Wedding’s speciality.
      • The LED Blossom Tree is simply stunning. With it being 3m high and pouring out a beautiful warm white glow, it is sure to create a real focal point! Previously clients have placed it outside, by the entrance of your venue, in a chill out area, or even used it as a guest book with luggage tag style notes. We have two of these trees in stock, so if you really wanted to make an impact, you could have both, which looks great at the entrance!
      • Illuminated LOVE Letters are always a winner. These letters have become increasingly popular over the years. Plus we have other letters available on request and who doesn’t want their new name up in lights! You could always get creative with the illuminated letters and have the word DANCE alongside your Dance Floor, or have BAR behind your reception bar. The ideas are endless!
      • Our White Starlit Dance Floors are out on a weekly basis to weddings up and down the country. They can be a great focal point and really add to that grand look that we all want to achieve. They are eye catching, yet elegant and at the end of the day, it’s all about the party, right?

    All of our finishing touches can be the perfect photo backdrop, no matter what you choose. They provide something that will stand out from the crowd and hopefully give your guests something that they haven’t seen before. At Premier Weddings, we can help with all of the above, we can even help you with the management of your wedding should you want to go the extra mile.

    If there is something that you’ve read, or a picture that you like the look of, please do get in touch. Our wedding coordinator would love to discuss your ideas, and even if there is something you haven’t seen here but have seen elsewhere, the chances are Premier Weddings can make it happen, so please don’t hesitate to call our office. We look forward to hearing from you!

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