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Event Production / 26.6.14

Caterpillar Product Launch

Premier supplied an AV solution for this Caterpillar launch in Leicester

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    We were tasked by creative agency Collective Minds to transform a marquee structure into a space suitable to launch a new industrial machine.

    This was to be the first time that the new machine would be seen by the public and we provided the AV elements to facilitate the big launch.

    Our first challenge with the project was that we needed the marquee to be a completely black space, with no natural light. To do this we used over 150m of Prolyte H30 and X30V truss to create an internal structure which we could hang black wool serge drape from.

    With the walls blacked out, we built a truss box in the centre of the marquee, which amongst other things was used to support the drapes to cover the ceiling and create a fully blacked out venue. Pipe and base and additional black drape were used to create a double-layered entrance foyer, which kept the light from entering the venue when the door was opened for guests to enter.

    As guests entered the marquee they were faced with a blinding light effect, this meant that they could not see the industrial machine in front of them. Once the guests had entered, all of the lighting was turned off, for a few seconds of blackout. A lighting show began in time with the music, which gave guests glimpses of the machine whilst free runners in illuminated suits ran over and around it. The lighting built up over time until the big reveal when we fully illuminated it.

    A mixture of moving heads and Source Four profile fixtures were used to illuminate the machine as well as the stage from which a couple of speeches took place.

    Audio for the event was covered by 4x L-Acoustic 12XT speakers and 2x SB18 subwoofers for low-end reinforcement. Two channels of Sennheiser EW300 G3 microphones were provided for the speeches as well as a lectern microphone and CD playback for the show music. All audio elements were run through our Yamaha LS9-32 digital desk.

    Both our client and the end client were delighted with the end result.

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