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Event Production / 15.9.15

BPM Exhibition Stand Build

We were approached by the organisers of the BPM event at the NEC and asked to help them built a presentation space for a demonstration stage.

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    The space was to be used by exhibitors to demonstrate their products to attendees throughout the 3 day event.

    We constructed a 13m x 10m truss box at 4m height using the industry standard Prolyte H30V. This was lifted to the designated height by using the exceptionally helpful Super Lifts.

    To provide some privacy to the stand we draped three sides of the box using our stock of black wool serge drape which has a 4m drop.

    A 3m x 2m stage was built at 30cm height with an additional 3m x 1m riser at 1m height for the demonstrations to take place on.

    Around the stage we erected a truss goalpost system, again using the Prolyte H30V truss. This was the structure used to support two of our 42” plasma screens.

    An additional 2 plasma screens were placed along the truss at the entrance to the space which were used to display the schedule for all of the demonstrations that day.

    We incorporated our LED compact par cans to provide ambient lighting for the stage area. This was crucial as all of the demonstrations were filmed with the content being streamed to the plasma screens.

    Additional lighting was achieved by incorporating 6 moving heads to add some atmosphere to the space.

    For attendees not wanting to sit down for the demonstrations we also included three of our LED Poseur Tables which could be used to gather round as well as a handy place to leave drinks etc during the demonstrations.

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