Reading Awards at Kimpton Clocktower, Manchester


AV Production / 17.12.21

Awards at Kimpton Clocktower, Manchester


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    Rewarding staff isn’t just about giving an award, it’s about creating an experience and Premier Events were tasked with this challenge back in November 2021.

    Whilst the Kimpton Hotel in Manchester has a fabulous ballroom and a joining event spaces it needed AV production and some creative touches and dressing to make it blend in with the events tropical and neon theming.


    The event saw us take over many of the event spaces and rooms around the hotel, starting with the entrance, this was covered in tropical leaves, Astera Titan Tubes, Colorado Q40’s up lighting the arches creating a colourful and vibrant space, we then discreetly mounted speakers in the entrance to play tropical playlists to get everyone in the mood.

    Once in the venue, the guests moved in the Whitworth suite which became a tropical drinks reception, with rustic neon oil drums, palm trees, coconuts, tropical fruits, and roaming performers. The entire space was covered in leaf breakup and more Astera tubes to take the conference suite into a tropical paradise. Roaming musicians and entertainment mingled with the guests. Speakers were also hidden into the space for background music and announcements.

    The Main Event , The Awards

    Moving down towards to ballroom required the use of the venue staircase which whilst beautiful and ornate is not in keeping with the event theme, so we utilised an arsenal of Titan Tubes, Event Spots and Tropical leaf to cover the stairs in tropical theming, as the Ballroom had more of the Club Tropicana disco vibe, we pulled out the 1meter mirror ball and a selection of smaller ones to create a great Instagram photo / selfie opportunity for the guests, and really give the disco vibe.

    Then once guests entered the ballroom, they were greeted by 12ft Palms, Custom Neon set pieces to match the event branding and graphics, and a stunning LED wall, the walls, seats, and tables washed in yet more Leaf and Gobo breakup and Moving lights and beams to fill the room, a tickle of haze gave the tropical rains forest feel.

    A Trilite or acrylic lectern would not have worked with the theme of the event, so a custom lectern with an LCD screen for event theming was designed and covered in foliage and had a pallet wood covering, with inspiration from a tekke bar to stand proud onstage. This also have LED lighting attached match to overall look in the room.

    Finally, we come to the set and set, The bulk of the set was built with our Unilumen 2.9mm LED panels, with side columns for additional screen real estate giving both width to the set and additional dynamic branding opportunities. The Stage was covered with a lush black carpet and hard fascia giving a crisp edge to the stage, which was accented with LED tape, All Neon set pieces, and LED tape were DMX controlled and programmed to blend with the rooms and dynamically change with the run of the event.

    The Afterparty

    All great awards and dinners have an unforgettable after-party and this was no exception, Rylan Clarke was our headline DJ performing in the hotel bar, which was turned into another tropical and neon space, performing on a bespoke DJ riser, surrounded by more Titan Tubes, LED washes and beams.

    As the venue was a functional hotel space great care was taken to slip our production into the space without causing disruption to the flow of the room. We also had limited time to turn the space around as the bar was in use until 18:00 and had to be cleared and turned around for us, this was done in record time and various scenic elements moved across, such as the Boots Neon signs, Foliage wall, Oil Drums, and foliage. The space was transformed, and guests were delighted to party into the night celebrating “The Best of the Best”

    Production Stats.

    2 x Trucks with around 24 Tonnes of Equipment and a 1000 Items

    15 x Technicians on site for two days equalling around 480 Man hours

    28 x Locals over three shifts for load in and out, truck loads, equalling around 136 Man hours

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