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Latest News / 7.2.18

Bespoke Fabrication – Filament Lamp Frame

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    Building custom products for clients is something we do a lot of here at Premier, we have gained experience over the years working to create various products that give our events a unique look. At Premier, we have in-house an electronics workshop and wood workshop, both of which allow us to offer this service to clients.

    With the popularity of our filament lamps, we had a requirement for a structure that can support up to 50 filament lamps for use at events. As events take place in a wide variety of venues with varying ceiling heights, we needed to manufacturer filament lamp strings in a variety of lengths for the new structure.

    The solution was a custom-built frame with the ability to hang 48 filament lamp strings on each, all starting at lengths between 3m & 4.5m and offer a variation in design concept and how it can be styled to meet the context of any event.



    We started with 50mm diameter aluminium tubing and made a 2x1m frame consisting of kee clamps which help attach all sections together. To allow up to 48 lamp drops, a further 2x 1m sections running parallel to the frame were installed and could have another 6 lamp drops each. All tubing can be rotated fully to offset the drop angle of any filament lamp string thus offering more uses in various environments.

    When Premier look at projects like this, we consider the footprint on an event and installation. We wanted a fully reliable lighting frame that could be installed in minutes so various methods of building were considered however the use of 16a connectors was deemed to be the best solution..

    We proposed and built, a lighting frame that had all wiring internal and 48 x 16a connectors hanging from the frame itself. The 16a connection is one that is strong & reliable, with it taking seconds to plug one in! Furthermore, this concept meant building & wiring 96 filament lamp strings of various lengths, this then allows any crew to turn up on-site with the strings and the frame and it becomes one within minutes.

    As this frame is 50mm diameter aluminium tubing, it offers a range of options to allow it to be easily hung. The frames themselves can be hung at any height from Unistrut, IWB’S or Trussing.

    All items made are quality checked and PAT tested to ensure safety of use when on-site.

    Premier included 1 additional feature which makes for an even fancier lighting installation. 2x 16a inputs separately power the frame and the parallel tube pieces in the middle of the frame to allow dimming between both sections. This is a great feature as a simple dimmer pack will allow changes in intensity, across different sections of the frame itself.


    Simplified Process:

    Powder Coating Tubing

    Tap & Thread required amount of lamp drops

    Wire and secure 16a connections

    Attach all pieces and wire up to the source

    Build & wire lamp strings – any length available upon request

    Building Process & Finished Product


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