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Event Production / 28.10.15

Bentley Bentayga Launch

Premier provided the AV production for the launch of the Bentley Bentayga

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    Premier were asked to provide AV support for the Bentley Bentayga launch, which took place at the Bentley showroom in Leicester in October 2015.

    Our client, Stones Events provided event management for the event as well as of course delicious food and a bar service.

    The brief from an AV point of view was to use lighting, audio and visual elements to transform the showroom and to provide an element of theatre for the reveal of the car.

    We provided 3 quotations to the client; these were scaled in price, which allowed them to view a variety of options at different price points. Working with the team at Stones we used the marketing material provided by Bentley and incorporated that into our design for the look and feel of the evening.

    The evening itself was for selected Bentley customers as well as VIP’s and the press to see the Bentayga for the first time up close. The guest experience began as they approached the showroom. Using six of our high powered LED flood’s we washed the showroom externally in a purple light. As you can see from the photos this was exceptionally impressive.

    As guests walked to the entrance of the showroom they were able to see the #beextrordinary projected above the door. This is the # used for all of the Bentayga launches across the UK and was used on twitter on the night of the Leicester launch. A 7m x 1m red carpets and ropes and posts were also placed at the entrance to provide a VIP look and feel.

    The car was positioned at the far side of the showroom, to give a visual indication of this we flew 32 pixel tubes from the ceiling which were programmed to create a walkway feature guiding guests to the Bentyaga.

    To create an element of suspense and theatre the car was hidden behind a white gauze material, this was flown from a truss box above the car. The launch sequence began with a speech from the Principal Dealer, this was filmed using a hot head camera and the feed displayed on the 50” screens installed around the venue. After the speech had finished our sound engineers played a piece of music from the Bentayga promotional video to build suspense and our lighting engineer began to add strobes of lighting to the car which built up slowly to reveal more of of the car until the drape dropped using a kabuki system. The light show continued with our SixBar 1000 LED battens providing lighting under the car as well as Platinum Spot 5R moving heads delivering a range of colours and patterns around the car and the showroom.

    The background music for the evening was provided by a DJ using our Pioneer CDJ-2000 nexus CD players and DJM-900 nexus mixer. We provided him with two L-Acoustic 8XT speakers as monitors and the showroom had six L-Acoustics 12XT’s installed around the perimeter as well as two SB18 subwoofers to provide a balanced level of sound throughout. All speakers were powered by the L-Acoustics LA8 amplifiers and controlled through the Yamaha LS9-32 digital desk.

    The evening was a big success for the dealership and the Bentayga was well received by guests in attendance with a number of vehicles ordered on the night.

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