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Blog / 2.10.14

Battery Powered LED Uplighter Hire

Premier invest in battery powered led uplighter and expand their hire stock

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    At Premier we are always looking at expanding our product range to ensure that we have the equipment that you require to make your event a success and so we now stock battery powered uplighter.

    LED Uplighting has proven to be a very popular service since we started to offer it in 2008, in that time however the lighting equipment used has moved on dramatically.

    Many of our corporate clients have loved the effect of  LED uplighting, also known as mood lighting and wall lighting but were put off by the cabling required to make it all happen. With this in mind we have invested in a large stock of battery powered LED Uplighters.

    Our wireless DMX, battery powered uplighters can be placed easily around the perimeter of a venue as well as at the base of pillars for example, even if there is no power socket nearby.

    The lithium ion battery built into the uplighter has a run time of 10 hours with the fixture on full output. The lithium ion battery also makes the fixture weigh in at only 5.5kg (a third less than the GDS equivalent).

    With onboard wireless DMX we can remotely control each uplighter and set them to a colour or colours of your choice. If the need arises we can also program these to change colour to the beat of the music at an event or to change colour depending on which phase the event is at.

    The battery powered LED uplighters are finished in stainless steel to ensure that they look stunning whatever the venue.

    The Eventspot 1800 also comes with an optional rain cover, which allows us to use the battery-powered lights outside, even in the rain. if there are some pillars at the front of the venue or a tree for example that you would like to illuminate these super bright LED uplighters are perfect.

    During the procurement process we compared all of the available fixtures, made a short list of 3 products and compared them side by side. It came down to the GDS battery powered uplighters and the Showtec 1800 Event Spot’s, having taken into consideration size, battery type, weight, usability, colour range and most importantly the light output we decided to stock the Event Spots.

    The Showtec Eventspots are supplied in a custom built and designed flightcase which holds 6 fixtures. The fixtures can also be charged whilst sat in the flightcase.

    The cost to hire each battery powered led uplighter is £50.00 + VAT for a day and £70.00 + VAT for a week.

    To find out more about how our battery powered LED uplighters can help transform your event send us an email or call the office where one of our friendly team will be happy to help.

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