Reading Barcodes & Scanning


Latest News / 10.8.16

Barcodes & Scanning

We look at how barcoding all of our hire stock ensures that we deliver for our clients on site

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    Here at Premier, our hire department is kept up to date with the latest equipment in a variety of departments. Each item is thoroughly cleaned, checked and tested before each hire, to ensure it’s in perfect working order for every single event.

    Every item that we stock is fully barcoded and we scan each item in and out of the warehouse to ensure we can track and trace products for peace of mind for all parties involved.

    Barcoding is certainly one of the best procedures that we have ever implemented here at Premier, it has allowed us to be confident that we know where each item of equipment is, at any time. We began adding assets to our equipment back in 2014 when we introduced our new rental management system, Current RMS. This system allows us to create and then input the individual asset numbers so that we can easily track and manage the thousands of items we now stock.

    From smaller items like cabling all the way through to staging, every single item has a unique barcode number. In fact, to this day exactly 10,039 items have been barcoded!

    This process makes us quite different from other events companies as it has made our general day to day operations a lot more efficient.

    For example, to be able to offer the best possible service to our clients, we can now track the location of our equipment at all times. This starts at the point of prepping the equipment, with every item being individually scanned onto jobs using scanners that directly link with the system. The barcodes communicate with the pre-inputted asset numbers taking them out of stock and onto the job. This ensures that if we have any issues with equipment being mis-prepped or going missing on site we can check exactly which job it was on last and which team member prepped it.

    In addition to tracking the location of the equipment, we can also check the status of the maintenance of our equipment.

    Whether this be annual LOLER inspections or PAT testing, we can now track the dates of the last maintenance check and schedule the next ones with ease.

    When the equipment is booked out on events as well as being inspected or repaired, this affects the available stock levels which makes checking availability for quotations much more accurate. We can confidently let our clients know about live availability on their enquired products instantly. If any items are damaged and put into quarantine, this amends the available stock which flags up any issues on future bookings. With this information, we can plan ahead and ensure that we source replacements or repair the equipment in plenty of time.

    Overall this implementation has increased productivity and efficiency in all areas of business, as well as more importantly allowed us to deliver a better service to our clients.

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