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Architectural Lighting Hire

Architectural Lighting Hire from the Premier Events.

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    Our architectural lighting hire service is one of the most high impact services that we provide at Premier. If you are launching a new building or having a party in an existing venue then we can help you to add a WOW factor to the building before your guests even step foot through the door.

    For clients who are holding an event at a venue, why not light it up in your corporate colours? We can also project your company logo or message onto the walls of the building. If it’s a Christmas party why not project white snowflakes onto a blue building for example.

    If you are launching a new venue then you want clients to be able to see it, we can certainly help your new building stand out from the rest.

    Our architectural lighting service does not have to be used exclusively for buildings however, why not light up gardens, trees and statues etc as well.

    We use super bright LED lighting for our architectural lighting service, the main benefits of this is that we have 255 shades of red, green, blue and white to choose from as well as the units using very little power. We can run 6 of our LED floods from a single 13amp power supply.

    The LED floods that we use for our architectural lighting service have 48x 10w LEDs in them and so they really are bright, they are comparable to the Studio Due LED City Colours.

    We also stock battery powered LED uplighters for areas that are hard to reach with cables or to use under pillars etc.

    We will work with you in the run up to your event to ensure that we provide the correct number of lighting effects to fully illuminate your building.

    The cost to hire each LED Flood is £50 + VAT and so lighting a building may not cost as much as you may have thought. To give you an idea of costs, the below building (in blue) was lit using 4 of our LED Floods and so the equipment cost was only £200 + VAT.

    To find out more about how we can help illuminate your building or venue don’t hesitate to call the office where one of our friendly team will talk you through the options available or alternatively send us an email.

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