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Case Study / 8.6.15

Alchemy Themed Party

Premier supported Stones Events with the AV production for this alchemy themed 21st birthday party

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    We were approached by the superb Stones Events to assist them with the AV production for a 21st Birthday Party that they were event managing as well as, of course catering for.

    The theme for the party was Alchemy and we were presented with a number of mood boards, which we were to incorporate into the AV production for the event.

    The venue for the party was a 35m x 15m marquee located on the clients estate. We had access from the Monday leading up to the party, which took place on the Saturday. This gave us plenty of time to ensure everything was installed, set and thoroughly tested before the event began.

    At the front of the marquee was a 10m x 10m reception marquee with blackout lining. The aim for this room from an AV point of view was for it to be dimly lit as well as for us to provide UV lighting and a photo slideshow on the walls. We flew a small truss structure from the roof of the marquee and hung from that 2x Panasonic 5.6k lumen projectors as well as 4x UV cannons and a strobe light. Using steel wire we also hung 17 filament lamps, which were provided by the client. Fast Fold screens were flown on the sides of the marquee for the images to be projected onto.

    The client had booked a number of DJs as well as a live band for the evening guests (240 approx). Having inputted the venue specs into the L’Acoustics Soundvision software it was decided that using 6x Kara and 6x SB18’s was the optimum PA system to use for the event. We also provided L’Acoustic 8XT’s as DJ monitors and 12XT’s as band monitors. The PA was ran using six L’Acoustic LA8 amplifiers and a Yamaha LS9-32 digital desk.

    Lighting was to play a big part of the production and with limited hanging points in the marquee and a low weight limit provided us with a number of obstacles to overcome.

    To coincide with the circular dance floor we flew a 6m-diameter circular truss structure using light weight motors in the roof of the marquee. From this we hung 8 of our Elation Platinum Spot 5R pro moving heads to provide lighting for the dance floor and surrounding areas. We also used this structure to install a 2m circular truss structure inside which the pyrotechnic company used to install their effects on. A separate run of truss was also flown to the left of the band to provide lighting for them and the DJs when they were performing.

    To provide additional effect lighting in the marquee we supplied 30 of our Showtec Event Spot 1800 battery powered uplighters. These were positioned horizontally around the venue and were set to pulse throughout the show element of the evening.

    All of the lighting was controlled by the Avolites Quartz lighting desk.

    We were tasked with installing a suspended structure at 3m height which contained a run of blue neon flex LED tape. We fabricated the aluminum structure for this on site and used a number of kader groove clamps to provide rigging points for this structure.

    Using the new Doughty modular drop bar system we were also able to hang 4 of our 50” LCD Screens below the neon flex above the dance floor. We also used two 2m truss podiums to the side of the bands position. These had a moving head fixture on top of each to provide lighting from different angles as well as our 65” Panasonic LCD screens.

    Video content was in keeping with the theme for the evening and controlled by a MacBook pro with playback pro and our custom built Analogue Way Pulse 2 rack with preview monitors.

    To keep with the theme of the party and to provide atmospheric effects we installed 4 Jem Glaciator X Streams into the marquee, this flooded the floor with low lying fog at the touch of a button and proved to be a very popular effect on the night.

    To provide raised areas in the marquee we provided 3 separate stage sections. A 7m x 7m stage at 300mm height to be used as a chill out area. A 4m x 3m stage at 600mm height for the DJ booth as well as a 16ft round stage at 600mm for the band to perform on. All 3 stages were carpeted by the marquee company to ensure that they matched the marquees carpet.

    Outside of the marquee we installed 6 of our high powered LED flood lights to provide site lighting for the car park and camping area. We also installed 24 of our LED par cans inside the front of the house so that it glowed blue which was in keeping with the theming for the event.

    Premier provided all of the site power and distribution as well as arranged the generators through our generator partner.

    Feedback from Stones Events regarding the job reads:

    I just wanted to say, again, a massive thank you to yourself and the team. 

    We felt the event was a success and that you were all, truly an integral part of delivering this event – we couldn’t of done it without all your help! 

    We felt you guys exceeded our expectations – your flexibility and due care to delivering the project to the standard we were aiming for, really showed. 

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