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Event Production / 28.12.13

60th Birthday Party

Premier supplied lighting and LED furniture for this 60th birthday party in Leicestershire

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    We were asked by Carolyn Acton Events to assist her with the lighting and bar area for a 60th Birthday party that she was project managing.

    After a site visit at the house in Leicestershire we proposed and then provided the following.

    The client loved the idea of using our illuminated LED spheres to line the driveway into the house as well as to place them around the garden. It was decided that these would all be set to red which was the colour scheme for the event.

    To ensure that guests could see the house as they approached we installed our Studio Due Space Flower search light in the back garden. As the clients house was on a hill in a countryside village you could see the 3000W light from a good distance away as you approached the venue.

    The client had asked us during the site visit about incorporating an image of NYC into our proposal.  We showed the client a selection of gobo options available which suited the theme. The image chosen was then manufactured into a M sized gobo and placed inside an ETC Source 4 profile light. Due to the image being displayed outside we used a Showtec inflatable dome to place the light in, this allowed it to be used even in the rain.

    Inside the house we installed 1m LED battens set to red in a number of the rooms being used by the guests. The dining room was transformed into a bar for the evening. As well as washing the walls in red we installed a modular LED bar. The bar itself was constructed of 2 straight sections as well as 2 corner sections. We found that with the whole bar set to red it was a bit too much and so we elected to change the centre sections to a white colour which looked really effective.

    The client had a great party by all accounts and the feedback from the client was really positive.

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