Reading 13 Reasons Why You Should Be Using An Event Management Company To Organise Your Event


Event Management / 15.10.19

13 Reasons Why You Should Be Using An Event Management Company To Organise Your Event

Event Management


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    13 Reasons Why You Should Be Using An Event Management Company To Organise Your Event


    1. Saves time

    Using an event management company can save an event organiser or marketing manager a huge amount of time. When you are planning an event on your own it can dominate your time and take you away from more important business tasks.

    2. More hands on deck

    Contacting suppliers and venues alone can take up so much time when you are trying to plan an event. Often the people you need to speak to can be busy and will need to call you back at a later date. Having a full team behind your event will ensure that you don’t miss those all-important phone calls.

    With an event management team on board there is a lot more man power behind every event for the whole process from finding a venue, creating a theme and delivery on the day of the event.

    3. Cost savings

    Many event companies have built up strong relationships with event suppliers and venues and can often get a reduced rate because they work together regularly.  These savings are often then passed onto the client, allowing you to get a venue for a lot cheaper than if you had made the enquiry yourself.

    4. Experience

    If you’re not used to running your own events, then having knowledge and experience behind your event can offer a huge advantage.

    Working with a team that run events on a daily basis, allows you to make the most of their knowledge and experience to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

    5. Budget management

    Budgets are easier to manage when they aren’t your own. It is easy to allow a little overspend when you are working with your own budgets but this would never happen once the budgets are set with an event management company.

    6. Unusual venues

    When planning an event internally it is easy to stick to the safe option when looking for an event, as these will be venues such as hotels and conference centres.

    Working with an event planning team can give you greater opportunity to explore more unusual venues such as castles, museums and country manors, that may not openly advertise their venue.

    The event management company is likely to have worked with many unusual spaces in the past and will offer a variety of options that would be suitable for your event..

    7. Technology

    If you don’t work in the event management environment it is easy to create a duplication of the event that you held the previous year with an updated theme.

    By using an event management company you can be exposed to the latest event technology and trends such as the photo mosaic wall or video flip technology.

    If you’re looking to create an event that can be memorable to your guests, then making use of the latest event technology can really put your event above those of your competitors.

    8. Professional look and feel

    With an event management company behind the running of your event, your event will be given a much more professional look and feel. If you’re running events for yourself you’re likely to miss the fine attention to detail with things such as highlighting areas with uplighters or using ceiling drapes rather than a bog-standard room setting.

    9. One contact

    Some event management companies not only do event management and planning but also have an in house event production and event hire team allowing you to only have to deal with one company as opposed to many for each part of the event planning.

    Although a team will be working behind the scenes, an event manager can be your only point of contact and can co-ordinate all parts of the event in one place. Regular communication will allow you to still remain fully in control and on top of everything that is happening in the background.

    10. Insurances

    Having all the insurances and safety risk assessment for large scale events can be costly, but by using an event management company, it means that they will be covered with their insurance rather than you having to fork out for it yourself.

    11. Crew

    Organising an event is one thing, but then there are a lot of resources required to ensure that everything goes to plan on the day.

    Event management companies usually have access to a full team of crew members who can help with anything from delegate management, welcoming and directing people around your event and organising any presentations or musicians on the evening.

    12. Peace of mind

    One of the most stressful parts of running an event is the planning and organisation of the whole thing before the event even takes place.

    Using an event management company can relieve some of that pressure and leave you with more time to concentrate on the things that really matter, knowing that your event is under control.

    You can work on marketing and getting people to the event while the event management company does all of the planning and organising.

    13. Industry contacts

    Working in the events industry, an events management team will have access to contacts in the music industry, celebrities and influencers, whom you may wish to use as part of your event for entertainment or promotion. They will also be able to able to have access to voice-overs and photographers/videographers to capture your event.

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