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Case Study / 15.11.19

100 Years of Rinnai Conference

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    For the 100 years of Rinnai conference, Premier Events were asked to provide AV support for their event held in London.

    Premier worked with Rinnai from start to finish, offering support at each stage and ensuring each element of AV was tailored to their needs.

    Our production team worked to provide multiple quotations and proposals which outlined how they could use the latest industry equipment to get the most from their event.

    Making use of 2 rooms, Rinnai wanted the main conference space to stand out overall. For this, we proposed our Unilumin UPAD2.6 video wall, which at a size of 5.5m x 3m, couldn’t be missed!

    Alongside the video wall we were able to cater for all their content and scaling requirements using a mixture of Analogue Way, Resolume and Novastar.

    With Rinnai being a worldwide brand, we were tasked with recording the event so others could be apart of the company update.

    We utilised our stock Sony PMW350 along with ATMOS recording hardware to ensure these needs could be met.

    Audio was taken care of by Yamaha and L’Acoustics. A low footprint system which caters for all and could reproduce all audio easily, for attendees.

    At Premier we update our stock continuously and because of this, we could deploy our X8 speakers and LA4X amplifiers.

    As we worked in a listed building, hidden in the heart of London, we had to make use of its amazing architectural features. We uplit the entire venue space using our wireless Event Spot 1800’s and for stage wash we made use of Source 4 750’s with CTB & ¼ Frost.

    Outside the main event space, we focused heavily on company branding.

    With this being another aspect Premier can offer in-house, we were able to liaise with Rinnai on what would work best, based on our years of experience.

    We arranged for a 3m x 2m lightbox to be installed which showcased the latest in Rinnai technology along with custom projected Gobos.

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