Trade Hire

Why Hire From Premier

Trade Hire

With over 20,000 items to manage at our Leicester warehouse, our hire team follow strict procedures, ensuring we exceed our clients expectations.

We believe in delivering both quality equipment for our clients, as well as it being competitively priced.



We operate a ‘Show Day’ pricing structure here at Premier. We believe that it’s a much more effective system compared to the traditional day / week structure.

Each hire includes the following:

  • Travel Day (the day you collect / we deliver the kit)
  • Build Day
  • Show Day
  • De-Rig Day
  • Travel Day (the day you return / we collect the kit)

If your event is for 2x show days we charge you 50% of the ‘day’ price. If your event is for 3x show days then we charge you an extra 100% of the ‘day’ price.

So an item that costs £100 for 1 show day, is £150 for 2 show days and £200 for a week.

We are happy to offer additional discounts for longer term hires, just speak to our friendly team.


Our Hire Process

We commit to our clients that we will do the following for each hire:

  1. We provide you with a detailed itemised quotation. This includes all of the accessories to the product as well as product weights and replacement values.
  2. Once we have a PO or signed contract from yourself we will email you a confirmation document.
  3. Our warehouse team visually inspect the item that you are hiring to ensure it looks in ‘tip top’ condition.
  4. We will then test the item to ensure its in full working order.
  5. We then scan all of the items you have booked and load them into flightcases.
  6. Our warehouse manager carries out a final check to ensure that everything is in order.
  7. We deliver / you collect the item from our warehouse.
  8. When the item is returned we scan it back in, ensuring that everything is accounted for.
  9. We then clean the item to make sure its good to go for the next hire.
  10. We test each item to ensure its in full working order before it goes back on the shelf.


Need onsite Support?

We appreciate that you may need to utilise our team of AV technicians to install, run and collect the equipment at your event. We are happy to provide this service to our clients, we can do this ‘unbranded’ or with your uniforms on.

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