Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Flypack PPU



1 Day: £1,000 + VAT

2 Day: £1,500 + VAT

Week: £2,000 + VAT



ATEM 1 ME Advanced Panel

6G (4K) SDI Vision PPU/Flypack System built around a BMD ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K, perfect for use with our URSA Broadcast G2 fibre systems. There is an empty CCU bay wired for 4 camera channels, which is sized to accept any of our modular rack sleeves.

The system is fully wired end-to-end and suitable for anything from vision mixing to full production output including keying and graphics at 4K if desired.

For further information or to put together a package, please get in touch with our hire team who can discuss the capabilities in more detail.

Key PPU features:

  • Capable of switching, outputting and recording 3G and 6G video rates, up to 20 inputs
  • Scopes & racks monitor configured for Camera Control Panel bumping/selection
  • Intercom fully integrated for BMD or other 4 wire CCUs
  • Usable as a two-person station, or the Vision Mixer can break away to a separate location for extra working room
  • Genlock & timecode both generated by Hyperdeck and distributed on board to all equipment, CCU bay and external patch

Key ATEM features:

  • 20 6G-SDI inputs
  • 2 M/Es
  • 6 auxes
  • 2 USK, 2 DSK, 1 DVE
  • Supersource
  • 2 Media Players
  • On-board audio mixer with controllable monitoring
  • 2 configurable multiviewers


  • ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K
  • Smart Videohub 20×20 6G router
  • ATEM Advanced Panel (1 M/E)
  • ASL PS279 2 wire intercom master station
  • Hollyland 2>4 wire with intelligent nulling
  • Dell Optiplex Micro PC for control software
  • Sonifex Redbox DA (Timecode)
  • Extron DA (Sync)
  • Hyperdeck Studio HD Pro (6G)
  • 2 x 500GB SSDs & USB SATA reader
  • Smartview Duo
  • Smartscope Duo
  • Tripp Lite UPS
  • 16 port gigabit Switch & Edgerouter X firewall
  • 6 x 24” HD Display
  • 2 x Decimator MD-HX (M/E 1&2 output DA/scalers)
  • 2 x Genelec Reference Monitor
  • 2 x Single Muff intercom headset
  • 1 x dual channel intercom beltpack
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • 2 wheeled operator chairs

Monitor configuration

  • 2 x 24” monitor mounted in lid, permanent M/E 1 & 2 multiviewers
  • 1 x 24” monitor on left side, permanent PC control
  • 1 x 24” monitor on right side, ATEM AUX for racks bumping/preview
  • 2 x 24” monitor loose in supporting case, for spare monitoring or vision mix operator breakaway

Limitations running at 6G (none apply at 3G or below)

  • Output DAs/scalers not available
  • Racks bumping monitor not available
  • M/E 1 PVW only available via MVR


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