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Yamaha RIO1608-D



1 Day: £100 + VAT

2 Day: £150 + VAT

Week: £200 + VAT



16 Mic / Line


8 Mic / Line


13a > IEC (included)


Yamaha’s Rio1608-D is a 16 input, 8 output Dante AD/DA converter with head amps, phantom power and redundant networking.

It can be used as a generic Dante audio interface, but is most commonly used with Yamaha’s digital console lineup. We stock both the Yamaha QL5 and Yamaha QL1.

We’ve built the units into fully featured racks which include network and power patching; front rack light and 2 Cisco SG-300 switches

Dante Primary & Control sit together on ‘Trunk’ (switch 1), and Secondary sits on switch 2. Primary is VLAN1, and Control is VLAN2.

Using this system with one of our QL series consoles (they all have a switch and patch too), you can send control data (eg ArtNET, or L-Acoustics Network Manager) over trunk, and break it out at the stagebox. Then you can link out of trunk and secondary, and repeat the process at another stage box.

Each rack is supplied with a 16A-Powercon cable, a short Powercon link, and 2 short Ethercon links.

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