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1 Day: £60 + VAT

2 Day: £90 + VAT

Week: £120 + VAT


Weight (with flightcase)


The EW300 G3 series is a superb, industry standard wireless system. G3 is the latest in the EW300 line from Sennheiser, building on the quality and reliability that the older ranges offered. Both the sound quality, and RF ability are exceptional. Our stock is Channel 38, up-to-date and ready for hire.

Supplied as a dual-purpose system, with Handheld and Beltpack transmitters, and an Audio Technica AT898c Lavalier Microphone – Cardioid, in custom built flightcase.


  • Wireless IR syncronisation of frequency and name between TX and RX
  • Superb audio qualilty and RF power
  • 1,680 switchable frequencies
  • ‘Easy set-up’ option which scans available frequencies
  • Programmable button on handheld TX
  • Colour-coded alerts showing RF/AF peak, mute and low battery
  • 4 bar battery status indication
  • 8 hours run per 2 x AA battery
  • Wireless System Manager via Ethernet


Our kits are supplied flightcased, complete with the following:

  • EM300 G3 Receiver
  • SK300 G3 Beltpack
  • Audio Technica AT898c Lavalier Microphone, Tie-Clip & Foam
  • SKM300-865 Super-Cardioid, Condenser Handheld
  • 2 Antennae
  • 12v DC PSU
  • MZQ1 Mic Clip
  • 2 x Used AA Battery for testing (new Procells available at 60p + VAT each)

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