Day: £75 + VAT

Week: £150 + VAT


Tank Size


Fluid Cost

25 per 2.5l tank

The Snowboy snow machine is a small hand held or easily mounted falling snow machine.

Creating snowflakes using a special foam fluid, the snowflakes delivered are of consistent size and shape. The flake size is easily and accurately adjustable, from ‘medium large’ down to an almost ‘powder snow’ size.

The foam snow is self clearing and will slowly melt away after contact with any surface. The rapid rate of evaporation makes them suitable for close up camera work where the snow appears to melt.

Will hold up to 2.5 litres of fluid in its reservoir, enough for approx 50 minutes of fine snow and 10 – 20 minutes on large snowflakes.

Coverage: 5m spray of snow in a 30 degree arc, will create snowfall over a medium area.

*When in use, the machine makes a noise comparable to that of a vacuum cleaner.

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